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Nancy received this $10,000 in the mail and went 😱 #Excitement

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Gift Assist

University Ave. in Toronto on a hot & humid day! Are journey Downtown continues! Building a business one step at a time! This was a picture taken just after a meeting with a client! We love the outdoors! That’s why we had to snap this pic! #excitement .

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Anna Durward


Yesterday I watched an inspiring doco on @jon_rose and @wavesforwater I have followed Jon’s journey from the beginning and I love his concept and programs. I was even more excited to see how it’s developed and become what it is today, due to Jon’s complete dedication, vision and commitment. There were so many golden nugget comments Jon said, around following your purpose, commitment, social change, the water crisis, doing what you love whilst doing good along the way, not saving people but rather going in to communities and listening and exercising your purpose, be adaptable and see what happens. Anyways I was really excited afterwards and some ideas we have been sitting on started to evolve further. But what was nice is his doco reminded me of this little post it note that I wrote at the beginning of MSLS about what my intention. My intention was Water, Indigenous communities and Government. My intention was to understand all of these further in the sustainability challenge and I have, doing my first science assignment of the water 💦 crisis and my thesis on exploring engagement processes with Indigenous communities when working towards sustainability. All of these are interrelated. Jon and another of my mentors have said the universe will open the door to your calling you just need to listen. And I feel yesterday there was a lil opening. Excited to see how our ideas evolve💡✨🤞🏼💛 pictured here is @wavesforwater in Ecuador with the Achuar peoples 🇪🇨 in phase one of one of their programs. #excitement

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