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Southern Poverty Law Center

One of my biggest highlights of this week with @teaching_tolerance was sharing a mini presentation on my classroom Asian Pacific Islander heritage and history work from the past year. After sharing affinity space with Brown educators last week at @nmaahc and the feedback I received from the @teaching_tolerance advisory board, I headed into this year with the determination to break apart the Black-white binary when it comes to discussing issues of racial justice. I’m tired of Asian, Latinx, and Indigenous narratives being erased from the history of race and racism, and the lack of representation in curriculum. I’m done with being “othered” in spaces that claim to be for inclusion and racial justice. And I want to do something about it. 💛 Another highlight was visiting Selma and Birmingh with a few colleagues. Walking the Edmund Pettus Bridge was nothing short of a religious experience. The energy in Alaba weighs heavily, and everything is a reminder of the atrocities committed against Black folx, and those wounds are still open. Being in Alaba is a constant reminder that this is the world that WE created, and we have to reckon with. 💛 Thank you! 📷 @majorteach @mitchmadeinheaven

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Kevin’$ 🎩

▪️ #Equity

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Quantitative Designed Trading


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Bedford Palmer II, Ph.D.

We can profoundly affect the lives of the people around us. Whether we are talking about our family, friends, our community, or even our society... What are you doing to make an impact? #equity ✊🏾

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Dr. Shirley Davis

IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!! Here at the Anaheim Convention Center getting everything ready for the 8:30 opening session here at the YMCA General Assembly. It's gonna be an azing day. Wish you were here. #equity

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