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Re: Reading Used Books

Re: Reading

Ok. This is a paint scrape on our desk. I know what I see. What do you see?

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Sci-fi stuff

Star trek tng birthright part 1. #enterprised at

First print with the Anycubic photon. Finally got my to scale version of the Enterprise D to go with my Borg cube. The scale is 1in = 1km, which makes the Borg cube 3in across and the Enterprise D about 0.6in across. #enterprised

Okay a couple of things... I had no idea Jean-Luc Picard would be taken for a dog guy which is cool, and second, I never thought he’d let Starfleet finally promote him to admiral. Amazing. I always thought he’d really listen to Captain Kirk’s advice to stay a captain so he never gets taken out of the captains chair. But hey, the canon is CBS’s now to change however they want and it’s Sir Patrick Stewart for cryin out loud. THIS show, I’m super stoked for! #EnterpriseD

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