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Gwen Thomas (@gfavor50) Instagram Profile Photo

Gwen Thomas

The Treasures went to Port Discovery today ,they were able to use a lot of fine motor skills there ,a little of grossmotorskills they had an ball #educationalfieldtrips 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

Life Of Payne Science Teacher (@lifeofpayne_) Instagram Profile Photo

Life Of Payne Science Teacher

Teachers love field trips too... did we leave the kids to take a bomb photo....MAYBE! This summer our AVID students visited the Legacy Museum and Memorial in Alabama. The museum was engaging in that the exhibits were different and more interactive than any museum I had visited. The crowds were beautifully diverted and inspired to learn about the history of lynching, Jim Crow, slavery, mass incarceration and more. Most importantly the students learned and appreciated seeing this history. I always chaperone field trips! How about you? What is your favorite field trip? . . . . . . . . . . . . #educationalfieldtrips

Josh Williams (@kingboogie44) Instagram Profile Photo

Josh Williams

Montezuma Well

Hedgehog Cactus Flower. 🌵 🌺 #educationalfieldtrips

Jubilee Cake Studio (@jubileecakestudio) Instagram Profile Photo

Jubilee Cake Studio

Jubilee Cake Studio

Hi friends! We are so excited! We were invited back to our private event again! Today is Thursday May 2nd and we will be off site for a private event. We will be CLOSED for walk ins today. Thank you so much for all of the love and support, this has been such a blast! We will post pictures soon! Friday we have birthday parties and workshops scheuled. Walk ins are welcomed from 12:30-7:00. See you tomorrow! #EducationalFieldTrips

Summerville Catholic School (@summervillecatholic) Instagram Profile Photo

Summerville Catholic School

Summerville Catholic School

5th Grade had the opportunity to visit the Charleston Judicial Complex and learn all about our judicial system. #EducationalFieldTrips

FGC Future Teachers Club (@fgc_future_teachers_club) Instagram Profile Photo

FGC Future Teachers Club

Donated money this morning for 5 lucky students to go on the end of the year field trip to SeaWorld! #educationalfieldtrips

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