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Ryan, House Of Hörst

Awful weather systems (heavy rain, high wind) moving through our area last night and today meant awful knee for me during the same time period. When I’m bad like this, I try to do something easy, but time consuming to help take my mind off the . To that end, I decided to mod one of my @victorinox for my new @offensive_industries . First pic is a before/after showing a side comparison after I chopped a little bit off and added the new grip rings. I have to wear my ID card at all times for work, so a nice lightweight neck sheath (and @program_j_missouri / @tuffpossumgear pouch) makes for a nice [mandatory] #edcgear package. . Let me tell you guys, if you like this little , you should try out o-rings as a grip mod. I just used a @dremel cutting disc to groove a small channel all the way around the grip, trimmed/filed away the excess plastic, and slid the o-rings right in the grooves. . Thanks to @trav_edc for the inspiration of shortening the grips on this so as to have a variety of size options for different occasions. 😎🍻

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