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Corey Scott

Each of us needs all of us and all of us needs each of us. There are no “extra” or “unimportant” people on the planet. “Respect” for others transcends gender, race, political and religious affiliation. . . . . . . #dui

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Nasseri Legal

If you or someone you is facing a #dui contact us today (619)610-9595. Nasseri Legal handles DUI and other criminal cases everywhere between San Diego and Los Angeles. Call now for a free consultation and see what Nasseri Legal can do for you!

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Gallardo Law Firm

El lavado de dinero es un crimen que da lugar a otros delitos conexos y son procesados por tribunales federales por lo que el acusado necesita un abogado con la competencia y el conocimiento en defensa federal . Si usted sospecha que puede ser acusado o investigado por el gobierno federal, es de vital importancia obtener los servicios de abogados ☎️(305)261-7000 ⚖️

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León, Guanajuato

El sueño de lograr un legado en un cóctel. Va mucho más allá de solo crear un gran y delicioso cóctel. Hay muchos factores detrás de el. Requiere de perseverancia, responsabilidad, constancia, profesionalismo, ética, humildad, excelencia pero sobre todo mucha pasión! Gracias a @bacardi.legacy por ser esa plataforma diseñada para poder lograrlo. Éxito a todos y mis deseos de que puedan lograr su legado. Dui :) un cóctel lleno de felicidad. #dui

The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

On 9.30.17 around 1 AM I was sitting in the back of the cast/crew shuttle and we were being transported to the employee parking as mandated by our employer. A guest who had too much to drink was kicked out of the venue by security, but the security did nothing than him to the front door, and not take care to make sure he didn't do anything on the property. He then got behind the wheel of his large truck and began to drive. I couldn't see what was happening, but I tried to remain calm as I heard everyone screing saying, "Look out, get out of the way, he is going to hit us!" Then I heard a boom. He drove into our shuttle with the truck. I was very concerned that the people sitting right where the impact happened could have been very injured, or killed. Then he got on the shuttle and started yelling at everyone and many of the people were yelling at him too saying, "You idiot you are a driver and just hit us!" He looked very suspicious as of potentially ready to pull out a gun and start shooting. I was trying to figure out: "What I going to do if he pulls out a gun? Am I OK? Am I ? How to I make it out of this situation? Have the police or production administration been notified of this dangerous incident occurring? What is this going to mean for my dance career??!" drivers #DUI driverssuck

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