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𝕾 𝖙 𝖊 𝖕 𝖍 𝖊 𝖓 (@pegacorn) Instagram Profile Photo

𝕾 𝖙 𝖊 𝖕 𝖍 𝖊 𝖓

dany nicolas (@dany_nicolas) Instagram Profile Photo

dany nicolas

Кристина Гаузер✈️ (@gauzer__crew) Instagram Profile Photo

Кристина Гаузер✈️

Andriele Lima (@andriilimma) Instagram Profile Photo

Andriele Lima

darigov (@darigov) Instagram Profile Photo


When programming there is this concept called rubber duck debugging. Debugging is when you're trying to make a correction in your code that is creating a problem. Rubber duck debugging comes from when you ask for a friend for help with your bug and while you're describing the issue to them, you figure out the solution so in the end you might as well have been speaking to a rubber duck. We got this duck at a Hackathon and we thought it was one of the most creative giveaways we've ever seen! #duck

Look at this beauty 💕🦆 #duck

Michele Costa (@engmichele) Instagram Profile Photo

Michele Costa

Amizade que fiz hoje no pesque e pague. #duck

♥️ & 📝 - - - - #duck #😂

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