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Cryptid Chronicle

For more posts about conspiracies, urban legends, myths and hoaxes, follow @cryptidchronicle Horror/paranormal posts everyday! Submit your own experience stories and fan art to be featured here! #dragons  

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I won The Rage of Dragons in a giveaway by @bookhaulholl 😊 It is a beast of a novel and the first in a series. It is, in my opinion, a story of revenge. Revenge and dragons. In this novel there are the Gifted. Women born with powers, some are powerful enough to call down the dragons, the Guardians who protect the Omehi. Our story, however, focuses on Tau, one of the Omehi people. He had a plan escape his fate. A fate shared with all of the other Lessers, to fight and die in a never ending war. And then, his father is brutally murdered. Now, Tau only has vengeance on his mind. This single focus goal propels him to become almost superhuman in battle. For the most part I loved this book. The story is definitely unique and most definitely held my interest. My biggest issue was that it dragged in the middle. There was too much focus on training. I feel like a lot of this could have been trimmed and condensed. It got repetitive and didn't progress the story. I also predicted the ending within the first few chapters. I'm not sure if everyone else found it as predictable or if this is my superpower showing itself. I rarely surprised by books and movies. I figure them out almost immediately. These are relatively minor complaints really. It definitely won't stop me from continuing with this series. #dragons

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Студия Уроборос

Tuffnut concept-art for upcoming Episode 2 of 🌑"Dragons: Revival of the Night"🌑 Which one is better in your opinion? Watch Episode 1: ▶ #dragons

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