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Mindy Nelson Prete ENVP (@mindyprete) Instagram Profile Photo

Mindy Nelson Prete ENVP

Gabo Garcia ( Instagram Profile Photo

Gabo Garcia

Sharan Velauthan (@sharan_velauthan) Instagram Profile Photo

Sharan Velauthan

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SonoPay (@rasdru) Instagram Profile Photo

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Hadiza Rabiu

Marlyn Bonzil-Juste (@mj.visionary1) Instagram Profile Photo

Marlyn Bonzil-Juste

Valencia Community College- UCF Building

Exactly a year ago today I had the opportunity to volunteer along with @womenontheriseorlando at the @i__tgi summer cp. A year later, I honored to be a guest speaker at that se cp!!! > > #DoMore

HIIT Boxing Group Workout (@championzonefitness) Instagram Profile Photo

HIIT Boxing Group Workout

“Done is better than well said.” Benjamin Franklin We believe in you. You can start reaching your goals by taking the first step. Join a gym. Take a class. Eat healthier. Fuel your . You are beautiful. Believe in yourself. Take the first step. Start today by calling to try a free workout! . . #domore

Ousmane Diallo (@ousmanediallotx) Instagram Profile Photo

Ousmane Diallo

It’s ok to be afraid but it not ok for on never get started. #domore#

Rocky Nettles (@23rock) Instagram Profile Photo

Rocky Nettles

Charleston, South Carolina

Can’t really explain it, we’re just wired differently... Growth doesn’t happen overnight but, stick with it and you’ll notice how the crowd thins out.........🙏🤷‍♂️🤞📈 #domore

Courtney tonge (@courttonge) Instagram Profile Photo

Courtney tonge

I want to address a common misconception.🌴 The idea that since you're a personal trainer, or in shape, or what others consider fit that you don't need a trainer yourself. This couldn't be further from the truth. I don't see any point in my life where I won't need guidance. Where I won't need someone to lead me in my fitness, and in my life in general. There isn't any situation I can think of where I would be so lost in my own ego that I wouldn't accept help or the chance to grow. I learn new things about my every day. About my form, about imbalances I still have, about things I can be better at. This also applies to everything else in my life. I wouldn't be anywhere without taking in as much knowledge as I can, always listening to and trusting those I respect, and humbling myself enough to know that I'm no better than anyone else. There's always more work to do. Im lucky enough to be included in a community where I have unlimited resources to amazing, knowledgeable people, who 100% know more than I do. I think the worst thing you can do for yourself as a human being is to lose your humility. To abstain from being humble because you don't want to appear weak. The people I look up to in life never stop learning. You'll never see them sitting there stagnant, or saying this is good enough. The strongest people are always hungry for more, they're never too proud to ask for and accept help when it's needed. There's always more to do, more to learn and chances to grow. Don't let a lack of discipline or a blown out ego tell you otherwise, you're only yourself 🌴 #domore

Manitha Neyam Trust (@manithaneyamtrust) Instagram Profile Photo

Manitha Neyam Trust

Sri Lanka

Established in 2002, the Shakthi Illam is a home for children affected by civil strife and natural disasters. The home is also for children whose families live below the poverty line. Currently, approximately 56 children are receiving the much-deserved love and family atmosphere at Shakthi Illam. All our children are well looked after and provided with educational support, tuition classes, a computer lab, as well as extracurriculars such as dance classes and sports. Manitha Neyam Trust gives utmost importance to education, especially English and IT Education, which is key to the future of the children to find employment. MNT assists Shakthi Illam to arrange teachers to teach the English language to the children, and lecturers to teach them basics in IT to empower the students to pursue a career in the IT field. We thank all of our donors for helping us support this project amongst many! . . . . . . #DoMore

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