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마트료시카_그림길공방 (@ran.wood_market) Instagram Profile Photo


짜투리 나무 brooch. . 액자만들다 남은 나무로 만들어서 모양이나 톱질자국이 다 달라 더 매력있는 녀석입니다. . 곧 스마트 스토어에 상품 업뎃되어요~ . . . #decorativepainting

Logan Smith (@ifthesignfits) Instagram Profile Photo

Logan Smith

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, as usual though, it went way too fast 😭 😊🍍🍉Both of these are available 😍 $18 a piece plus shipping or $30 for both plus shipping 😊🍉🍍

Claudia Lohnes (@claudiallohnes) Instagram Profile Photo

Claudia Lohnes

Christmas in July! I’m home sick with a cold so I’m painting this fun design by . Still a bit of work to go. He’s missing his reins. It’s a small inset for a box to hold small ornaments. ing

Shades of Summer full scale . . . painting # contemporary   ativepainting

Shades of Summer ☀️⛅☀️⛅☀️ . . painting # contemporary   ativepainting

Marina Voloshchenko (@m.b.voloshchenko) Instagram Profile Photo

Marina Voloshchenko

Reposted from @jansen_art_gallery (@get_regrann) - 10 minute impression demo for my friends yesterday in the studio. Paint a powerful rose impression in 10 minutes. I do like how this one came out. Hope you enjoy! #decorativepainting -

Andrew Bewick

1920s oil on board. Ever such an English still life.. #decorativepainting With thanks @cubbitantiques for the snap, hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend away my friend..

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