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Daddy's little helper 💙 #daddyslittlehelper

NuttyboyAndy Lawson (@nuttyboyandy) Instagram Profile Photo

NuttyboyAndy Lawson

Fakenham, Norfolk

The only good reason to have kids really 😂👍🏻 #daddyslittlehelper

Courtney Haddrell (@courth131) Instagram Profile Photo

Courtney Haddrell

Families who flat pack together stay together #daddyslittlehelper

taryncamille (@taryncamille) Instagram Profile Photo


Justin finally has a yard helper #daddyslittlehelper

Ok, so #DaddysLittleHelper wasn't playing. This kids got the & that rivals some people my age. This wasnt the only picture I took. Just look at his gaze as he focuses all his attention to that screw! It speaks volumes. Theres an inner power working here. I know I know, its not a big deal, just a proud dad gushing over something as simple as this, but when you witness a person grow these are pure . Call it what you want, to me this is the at work.

Out East

Told her to smile a dozen times, he had heard enough dyslittlehelper

Myla helping me cook the fresh picked zucchini #daddyslittlehelper

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