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Erwin's Fine Baking

不不If you know us you know how sassy we are lol不不 Boss got us some fitting new uniforms! "Welcome to Erwin's for you daily dose of s**t and abuse" We love having fun with our customers and giving you all a hard time! #customerretention

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Marion van der Krogt


Implementation is in client development! 1儭 Deep-selling: If you are a fashion retailer, this could mean selling the same pair of socks over and over again. If you are a graphic designer the project management of the yearly updated marketing brochure. By deep-selling you minimize your selling costs because you continually deliver this product or service. Ask your client when and how many times per year they will require this product/service so you can plan ahead and be ready. This also allows you to anticipate your future revenue. 2儭 Cross-selling: If you are a fashion retailer, this could mean you sell a scarf that goes with the colour of the socks your customer usually buys. If you are a graphic designer this could mean you design also the yearly financial report. With cross-selling it is important to ensure the client actually knows about your other services or products and how they could benefit them and match what they are currently purchasing from you. 3儭 Up-selling: If you are in fashion, this could mean you sell a pair of shoes that match the socks your customer likes. If you are a graphic designer you would sell your corporate branding services to the client, designing all of their print materials. Ensure your clients have concluded their vetting process with a positive experience though. 4儭 Down-selling: If you are a fashion retailer, this could mean your customer not only buys his socks from you, but he also purchases a matching handkerchief. If you are a graphic designer, your customer may want you to design an infographic for their marketing brochure. This can be the first step in the diversification of their business with you. retention

Magento Exit Popup is an smart and efficient way to control the exit rate of the website and encourages the customers to provide their email ids to get attractive offers and discounts. Kindly visit our website to know more about the extension. #customerretention

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Say no to Traditional Lock. Use U Shaped Smart Fingerprint Lock to unlock your bicycle, house, safety deposit box, your bike etc. Find more details at #customerretention

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A Million Things Marketing


When it comes to customer retention, 100% is the benchmark, so to see customers stay with us again and again is hopefully testament to the work put in. Why not drop us a message to see how we can help your business with, Content creation Innovation Strategy Social media management Website builds Logo creation And more... 拎返 氣塔湘 蛤拎 梗唐h毋 _ #customerretention

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