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emPOWERedperformance (@empoweredperformance) Instagram Profile Photo


Андрэа фуска' (@_fusky_) Instagram Profile Photo

Андрэа фуска'

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Fort Rouge Curling Club

Fort Rouge Curling Club

If you’re looking to curl this winter, look no further! The Fort Rouge Curling Club has limited spaces available in some of our Evening Leagues, Mixed Leagues, and Recreational Leagues for the upcoming 2019-2020 season Contact us at for additional information or to register. #curling

Desiree Lola ( Instagram Profile Photo

Desiree Lola

i had so much fun doing this copper balayage today! I lifted her balayage and gave her a smudge root with a neutral to blend into the balayage. After I went in and toned her hair all over with a mix of shades eq 🥰 #curling

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The St.Mark’s Fair Flea Market is calling on July 27th and I must go! Go where the lounge will be open, the bbq will be grilling up burgers and the concession will be open with food and drinks. Join us for this major Club Fundraiser! #curling

Angry Duck | cartoon character (@argaankan) Instagram Profile Photo

Angry Duck | cartoon character

GIPHY Studios

Hope everyone knows that there are plenty of Angry Duck sticker gifs available from @giphy / @giphyarts 🤝 please use them like there is no tomorrow, they really like that 😉

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Harri Lill


Thank you, Team Red, for a fantastic week! 🤩 , always. So lucky to have the loveliest assistants @emmaarnold63 and @tolino_sch beside me this week. #curling

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