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Joel Silva (@joesfj) Instagram Profile Photo

Joel Silva

Cueva Ventana

A wonderful experience where I got to see ancient Taino petroglyphs and learn a bit if the history behind these caves and the wild life that inhabits it. We learned about a certain tree in the area whose roots grow upto 1,000feet from it! As for my . There was a point where all lights had to be shut off and I was in the pitch dark with 30 other people and unfortunately I started feeling uneasy. Luckily I powered through and managed to enjoy this day. - - - - - - - - - - - - #cuevaventana

Leslie Vazquez (@leslie_vip98) Instagram Profile Photo

Leslie Vazquez

Cueva Ventana

An Amazing Experience at #cuevaventana 💙 Put it in your Trip list😉

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