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I call this look “Lexi Remastered” as this was one of the very first outfits I ever bought, yes even including the essential for every new crossdressers wardrobe the pink and white striped socks Anywho I’ve come such a long way since first starting out, my confidence has developed leaps and bounds and I now feel due to my confidence that I have a sense of direction in life and as such I’m going to university on September and I’m really excited to be able to express myself there. I genuinely believe that you can achieve anything if you want it hard enough, life can be difficult and there will be pain along your journey to success lots of pain and there will be times you get knocked down and you will just want to stop everything, know that’s it’s okay to get knocked down, to fail and it’s okay to take some time to yourself to recover before starting over again but you must always pick yourself back up. Now I know that all sounds preachy and that I’m just another run in the mill person with a painted gold smile promoting false positivity but I genuinely believe this. I was bullied in school and college, a hell of a lot for my looks, my weight and my interests and the few friends I did have would go behind my back and spread lies about me I honestly resent those people still to this day. As a result of this I have become very guarded who I let in and have become sort of anti social I tried to fit in all those years and got nothing so now I only walk to the beat of my own drum. Despite all this I didn’t let my insecurities stop me developing as a person, gaining the confidence to go to university and all the other things I have been able to recently achieve, my younger self would be proud of the unstoppable force I’ve become. Things will be okay nobody suffers forever and no matter how low on confidence you may be how low on energy or how much of a lack of direction you feel you have you can achieve your goals I am honestly living proof, and if I can do it so can all of you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #crossdressing #

Is sillyfacetuesday a Oh, ok, I'll enter these two for instead then! #crossdressing

So I might get a bikini soon hehe ^_^ not sure if I should post it here or not but I will let you know if I get it ^_^ . . . . . . ing

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So hot today I was sweating on and off... I don't like to sweat except in specific circumstances and that doesn't include being at work. 👸🏼

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