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Minaya Financial (@minayafinancial) Instagram Profile Photo

Minaya Financial

British Columbia

Personal Insurance isn't just because you're going to die one day... You need insurance for when you're alive as well!! Give us a call today to get your very own living benefits package!!

Larina Bouwman (@larinabouwman) Instagram Profile Photo

Larina Bouwman

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

I love my career. It’s so rewarding, and I passionate about it. ‍ But not every day is full of rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes during planning, life insurance is needed to protect a fily, and sometimes, that life insurance gets claimed. ‍ In a sea of sadness and grief, it’s me that knocks on your door and meets with your fily and friends to deliver your death benefit cheque. And although these flowers look very pretty, it’s a sad day for me if I’m holding them in one hand with a cheque in the other at the other side of your door ‍ Walking into that room, is one of the hardest things I do. It’s very final. ‍ When I deliver a cheque to a young mom, the mood changes from grief to relief. These cheques are life changing. They remove worry. They allow a mom to take a deep breath. They allow that mom to sleep better at night, knowing she won’t have to uproot her kids and move. They help relax her shoulders knowing that she can “take it easy” and take some time to grieve and navigate her new life without her partner. ‍ Life insurance is a necessity. Let me help you. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #criticalillnessinsurance

SFG Pritchett Agency (@sfgpritchettagency) Instagram Profile Photo

SFG Pritchett Agency

Review your budget and cut unnecessary items if you have to, but make sure to keep your life insurance policy current. #Criticalillnessinsurance

Instant Mortgages (@instantmortgages_uk) Instagram Profile Photo

Instant Mortgages

Don't Take Any Chances We know how much you value your property. The correct insurance policy will make sure you'll be able to replace or fix any damaged or stolen items. Click the link in our bio to learn more. #CriticalIllnessInsurance

LillyBrooke FS (@lillybrookefs) Instagram Profile Photo

LillyBrooke FS

Northampton, Northamptonshire

Our latest blog post discusses the value of using a broker for insurance, critical illness cover and income protection - plus what an advisor should and shouldn't say. Read now, link in bio. #criticalillnessinsurance

Tsjin Hendry Hendrata (@allianzfinancialplanner) Instagram Profile Photo

Tsjin Hendry Hendrata

Bukan bermaksud menakuti apalagi menyumpahi, tetapi inilah realita hidup. Dan banyak orang yang belum siap menghadapinya. Inilah alasan mengapa asuransi jiwa sangat penting untuk Anda. Karena selama Anda hidup, uang PASTI digunakan. Untuk orang yang terkena SAKIT KRITIS, sudah PASTI akan membutuhkan UANG BESAR. Pertanyaannya adalah sudah siapkah keuangan Anda dalam menghadapi realita tersebut? Jangan sampai penundaan yang Anda lakukan berimbas pada orang orang yang Anda cintai. Kita tak pernah tahu kapan resiko datang, kita hanya tahu berjaga jaga sebelum terlambat. insurance

Chris McNicholas (@swinford_life) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris McNicholas

United Kingdom

For people who play sports at any level, get in touch for information about getting covered for injuries! We have covered people playing for a hobby all the way up to professionals. #criticalillnessinsurance

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