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Mychal Martinez (@mychal5rings) Instagram Profile Photo

Mychal Martinez

Denver, Colorado

Life Insurance is a subject that we as Americans don’t like to talk about. Not only does it have a bad rep, but no one wants to think about the day they die. However, any decent person I would assume wants their family to be okay financially when the inevitable day comes that they do pass on. These are the tough conversations that we HAVE to have to ensure the legacy we have established continues into the next generation. So, what if I told you that there is a new type of Life Insurance that allows you and your family to accelerate a percentage of the death benefit while you LIVE in the event a Chronic, Critical, or Terminal Illness occurs? That’s right. The old Life Insurance (Death Insurance as I like to call it) doesn’t cover you if one of these types of illnesses occurs. Your loved ones only receive the Death Benefit when you...well...die. Interested in learning more about Living Benefits? Send me a DM!

Louie Igneski (@louieigneski) Instagram Profile Photo

Louie Igneski

Hamilton, Ontario

The Value of Advice: Many Canadians believe they do not have enough assets to seek the advice of an Advisor. This is far from the truth. Numerous studies have validated the fact that professional advice works for investors of all circumstances. To secure a healthy financial future for yourself and your family at all stages of life, it’s important to address a number of major issues that will ultimately help reduce financial stress, plan appropriately for your situation and, most importantly, grow your net worth. An investment Advisor is someone who can help you navigate these challenges and help you stay on track. I look forward to speaking with you! 1 (855) 727 3535 #criticalillness

Kessar Salimi (@kessarsalimi) Instagram Profile Photo

Kessar Salimi

It’s never a topic that’s exciting to talk about, but life insurance really can play a huge part of people’s lives. I won’t go into detail about why they are so important and you will be well aware. Simply ask yourself these questions: 1. If I no longer here or have a critical illness and cannot work, will our financial commitments be met? 2. If I no longer here, would our children be cared for without someone having to quit their job or reduce their hours? 3. Would my fily be financially stable in the long-term should I no longer be here? Many people assume life insurance is only for “older” people, this is a dangerous outlook to have. If you would like to chat about life insurance, please let me know and I’d be happy to meet with you. Have a great weekend and don’t think about death too much! #criticalillness

NCB Insurance Company Limited (@ncbinsuranceja) Instagram Profile Photo

NCB Insurance Company Limited

The Creditor Life Credit Card Insurance allows repayment of outstanding balances on credit cards in the event of death or critical illness of the cardholder. Why wait for a disaster to occur, get covered now. To find out more click here: *Conditions Apply #CriticalIllness

NCB Insurance Company Limited (@ncbinsuranceja) Instagram Profile Photo

NCB Insurance Company Limited

The simple difference between life or debt is a great critical illness plan. ProCare has you covered in the event of a critical illness or death. Get covered today! *Conditions Apply Learn more: #CriticalIllness

Scotia-Highlands IG (@scotiahighlandsig) Instagram Profile Photo

Scotia-Highlands IG

🌟 This September, IG Wealth Management is going to help make children's wishes come true. 🌟 On Sept. 13, Scotia Highlands Regional Director Joel Welch will be rappelling down the side of the @westinns as part of the @makeawishca Rope for Hope event. Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness. Please help to support our team, and be part of something amazing! 🔗 in bio! #criticalillness

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