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Jennifer A. Williams (@a.leos.heart) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer A. Williams

Blanchard Springs Recreation Area

😇ALL GOOD THINGS REQUIRE PATIENCE😇 The tour guide said these formations took hundreds of thousands of years to form. They start out as these little “straws” hanging from the roof of a cave and over time transform into these massive structures hidden from above. . At least that’s what I heard over the baby’s screams of hunger, a teenager’s sighs of boredom and a 10 year-old’s incessant random questions. Wrangling three boys of all different ages is never easy. Finding things to do that they all enjoy is even tougher. Somewhere along the way though I figured out that trying to do so is just a losing battle. So instead of driving myself cray cray, I remember that “Patience and fortitude conquer all things” (Emerson). . Armed with a positive attitude and determination to have a good time, our outings become more meaningful. Instead of being stressed over the unpleasantries of the situation, I try to focus on creating memories. Babies are only so for a year. Children are only so for a few years more and teenagers are only so for five years. Our time is limited and precious. Don’t waste it on the unnecessary. . What tips do you have for making family outings more enjoyable?

The Grove (@thegrovehq) Instagram Profile Photo

The Grove

Oceanside, California

What’s your reaction when someone doubts that you can succeed? The rebellious kid in me instantly says “Watch me!” 👊🏽 . . You need to believe in yourself FIRST before anyone else will. How do you do this if you have self-doubt? That’s the tough part! That’s where your mantras, support system, and surroundings can all come into play to help you. And, my friends, it’s a life-long journey! . . How do YOU keep that confidence high when faced with doubters? Share your thoughts!! . . . #createyourownrules

Dover Beach

I’m being more creative with my time at the moment. Today’s office time is also beach time. From walking meetings to taking the office outside as often as I can - thinking outside the box in the craziness of 2019 is the way forwards! #createyourownrules

Heather Whelpley (@heather.whelpley) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Whelpley

Saint Paul, Minnesota

The best career advice I've ever received - You have to know the rules of the game, but you don't have to play by them. . Whose rules are you playing by in your career and life as a whole? I've noticed in myself and my clients that we often follow rules that don't serve us or don't even apply anymore. The rule that you set early in your career that you have to make partner or VP, even if it's not what you actually want anymore. The rule you learned from your parents that it has to be hard and you have to work like crazy or there will never be enough. The rule our culture beats over our head that we're only worth what we produce. . The good news is you get to create new rules for your life! Rules that allow you to slow down, have a career you love, and enjoy life. Rules that move you in the direction of the life you want to live - instead of pushing against the life you desire and the person you want to be. . What rules do you need to let go?

Megan Simmons-Iizuka (@existential_empath) Instagram Profile Photo

Megan Simmons-Iizuka

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Sometimes that saying of the “calm before the storm” is true. Let’s put our own spin on it; in that calm is where you come into your greatest strength. Your thoughts? . . #createyourownrules 🔥 Photo from Canva!

Anna Bradshaw (@annabradshw) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna Bradshaw

Sunday has a way of making the mundane more magical ♡ She shares my passion for art- albeit on her own terms as with any other endeavor. Helping her create her first YouTube video yesterday allowed me to see her "cast" in a newer, more light; no script, no redo's, & plenty of cute and quirky comments! #createyourownrules

emerald theingi (@emeraldtheingi) Instagram Profile Photo

emerald theingi

Respect other's property.Don't touch anything that does not belong to you without permission. #createyourownrules

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