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The Montana Rancher’s Wife

ready to fight . Last night, I was ready to fight. I had just had a long and tiring day, and it didn’t matter what he did or didn’t do: I was fired up. We were at a family gathering where I sat quietly seething as I added items to my list of wrongs: we couldn’t agree on where to go for our next vacation, he didn’t pull my chair out for me earlier that night, one time he played this one song I didn’t like, I didn’t appreciate the way he was breathing, and on it went. I sat waiting for the opportune moment to unleash upon him when no one else was around. Because seriously, who did this guy think he was, anyway, talking and laughing with his family at this birthday party? Finally, the moment came. We were alone in the truck with a 30 minute drive to get home. I was preparing my attack, thinking of just the right words to cut the deepest, when this tiny little voice cut into my thoughts and asked, “Where is this even coming from?” I paused in my battle plans. Where WAS it coming from? With no small amount of shame, I acknowledged that it was because I was tired and cranky and needed to go to bed. By the grace of God, I felt the fire fade as I glanced over at the love of my life driving us home in the dark and turning up the volume so we could listen to our song. How many times do we say or do something hurtful to someone we love just because we aren’t taking care of our own needs? You can’t fill someone else’s cup if yours is empty. This is a reminder to whoever needs it today to eat a snack, drink some water, take a walk, and get some sleep. Take care and love yourself. . #cow

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Ashley Greenhaw

All for sale! DM me for prices or customs! 💋 #cow

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