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Nessa (´・ω・`) (@pinkspookyghost) Instagram Profile Photo

Nessa (´・ω・`)

Gotta catch them all like these trainers gonna catch these hands 😤 . . . Can’t wait to go to @gameonexpo as Nessa in a couple weeks! I have some awesome panels planned so keep an eye out! . 📷: @colebekahphotography . . . er

kimitori cosplay (@kimitori.ya) Instagram Profile Photo

kimitori cosplay

×°•true love waits×○•° _____________ Im so freakn happy to present you lan zhan 😢 this cosplay makes me feel to never ever it off xD Mdzs is something so beautiful ♡ Im happy to share the love with this fandom with so mandy people. Lan Wangji /edit- me Photo - @lizzy_bailar ♡♡♡ _____ er

Sarawrcosplay (@sarawrcos) Instagram Profile Photo


Got to shoot Elizabeth today!! So my days been great! How was yours?! Comment below :) . . . . er

NerdCon São Paulo (@nerdconsp) Instagram Profile Photo

NerdCon São Paulo

Nos dias 31 de agosto, 1, 7 e 8 de setembro NerdCon 2019! Esta aberto o processo seletivo para JOB Cosplay no evento, mande o seu portfólio no privado. Produção @cosplayecoisaseria 📷 @haruphotoclub er

I love closeup asethetic shots of cosplays. You get to see all the tiny details people put into their costumes. . 🌊Vaporeon Ginjinka Design: @generalcowslip 🌊Vaporeon Costume Made and Worn by: @coffeemeister Wig: @ardawigs Ferrari in Midnight Blue and long wefts in Aqua 📸: @pndanoodlez (teach me your ways!!) Colossalcon 2019 . er

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