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Zio Adams

Today's nice reading... Blankets! I know, I'm late to the party, but I tend to be cautious and suspicious when too many people are shouting "Ohmygod! This is a masterpiece!". Most of the time it's all hype and I get disappointed. One thing is "good", another one is "a masterpiece" y'all. And considering that this book is a bit pricey too, that's why it remained in my wishlist for all these years, I just wanted to try it first. Recently I casually found it in digital format (coff coff) so I read a couple of chapters and it was interesting enough. The 15% discount was good too btw :D In the end I liked it, but all that religious stuff was really a in the ass, I really couldn't stand it, but unfortunately it was a central point of the story #comicoftheday

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summer cold

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ThisFunctional Family

I'm always glad Cody's around after I've watched a creepy movie 😂🐶

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