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One of d shadow which never leave me alone even in darkness 💯❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACHA @joseph__thiru #civilian பாசம் வைக்க தோழன் உண்டு வாழ வைக்க ....அவனை தவிர உறவுக்காறன் யாரும் இங்கில்லே💗

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B&G Electronics

Nuestra nueva solución para evitar asaltos en las vías públicas es CIVILIAN, puedes Reaccionar, Alertar y Disuadir amenazas potenciales desde el interior de tu vehículo sin exponer tu integridad. Sigue a @civilian_50 y conoce nuestra solución. Ingresa ya a y contáctanos . . . . . #civilian

Puedes evitar ser víctima de los delincuentes que intenten robarte dentro de tu vehículo, CIVILIAN posee sonidos de alerta que permiten ahuyentar a un posible atacante y llamar la atención de las demás personas alrededor. Contáctanos y recibe asesoría gratuita. . . . . . . #civilian

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Sergeant First Class Figueroa

San Luis Obispo, California

That epic first haircut. The transformation begins day one of reception when you join the Army with shaving that dome piece! 😂. I hated being bald. #Civilian to

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Achilles Heel Tactical LLC


PERFORMANCE > PROMISE - @achilles_tactics - When working target transitions, target transitional tempo is important in order for shooters to learn how to process information quicker. - It’s not about getting lucky, it’s about control. - This drill is to help shooters gain an understanding of this type of engagement and to develop / establish rhythm through transitional cadence. - Run this drill at various distances with Rifle & Pistol. - Tag @achilles_tactics for a feature. - Set up: - 2 IPSC or man size silhouette targets equally spaced 1 target length apart. - A shot timer or range partner to initiate each string of fire. Goal is to have a consistent transitional cadence while maintaining accuracy. Distance: Varies per shooters skill level Try this drill with Rifle & Pistol! Seek training at - Link in bio @achilles_tactics

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Donna Klunder ♕

Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve

These two has been my honestly. Like I said before about the TRANSITION TO THE #CIVILIAN WORLD, when times get or stressful, I have my son Amauri and my dog-son, Mr. Blue to make it all better. I don’t have the luxury of being at one place to be call home for many years and having family and friends at that location. Amauri and Mr. Blue are doing a good job now making me laugh at the things they do. GOTTA STAY HOPEFUL WHEN SHIT AINT GOOD. So I keep in mind “Grass is greener at other people’s feet because they watered it. You need not to let your environment control you; you have what it takes to make it look beautiful!”

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