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Ovidio Barrios (@ovidiobarrios) Instagram Profile Photo

Ovidio Barrios

Mirador El Picacho, Sololá

* . Listo para vivir más años / Ready to live more years. . Don't give up easily, because God will surprise you according to what He designed for you. . #Christcentered

Ebenezer Market (@ebenezer_market) Instagram Profile Photo

Ebenezer Market

Sparta, Virginia

All the goodies in one picture! 🍋 Happy Tuesday friends!!

Megan Dahlman, Strong Mommas (@strong_mommas) Instagram Profile Photo

Megan Dahlman, Strong Mommas

You care too much about what other people think about your . It's natural... we all do this, but it doesn't make it right. . . 😔And we will all be constantly miserable in our own skin if we let other people's opinions of our outward appearance guide our everyday lives, instead of God's opinion of our heart. . . This was me. Bad. Every workout and restricted meal was done in hopes of hearing a compliment about my from some I probably didn't even care that much about. . . It's exhausting. And it's pride. And just like all types of pride, it leads to destruction. . . 👉🏻Today, remember that the Lord doesn't see things the way you see them. He's looking at your heart...your intentions, your devotions, your objects of worship. . . And He loves you and your and your heart more than anyone else ever could. More than YOU ever could, even. . . And He really just wants to see you stop caring about what other people think of your . It's your , and it's no else's business but His. . . 🙋🏼‍♀️Who really needed to be reminded of this today?? . . ❤️ . . #christcentered

CFi UNN (@cfi_unn) Instagram Profile Photo


University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Still About last Sunday its always a wonder and such joy to be in his presence, and most importantly with his presence. #christcentered

Andrea Stephens (@andreareneestephens) Instagram Profile Photo

Andrea Stephens

It’s been quite a week. I had an amazing trip to Indianapolis for my Coach Summit, and I came back tired but also refreshed and newly inspired and on cloud 9. And then.... I literally jumped RIGHT back into full on Mom mode. I found myself quickly overwhelmed, totally worn out, and a little stressed.. and a lot impatient. I hated it... but I couldn’t quite snap out of it on Sunday morning. We had baseball games at 9:30 and 12:30, and it dawned on me what I needed most. I needed Jesus. I needed to go to church. We NEVER miss church. It’s my favorite hour of the week. If someone is sick or something, hubby knows how much I need it and stays home so I can at least go. But this summer... we’ve been gone every weekend between travel and baseball.. and while that’s been amazing, it’s VERY uncharacteristic of us. I’ve missed it. So.. J stayed at the ball fields with our favorite first baseman and I loaded up my other 3 and went to the 11:00 service between games. And... this line in one of the worship songs we sang hit me straight in my soul. “My gaze transfixed on Jesus’ face.” That’s what I missed. That’s what was “wrong” with me. My gaze wasn’t fixed on Jesus. It was fixed on the messy house, the loads of laundry, the dishes, the things I needed and wanted to get done for my business, the things I felt I was behind on, the inadequacy I felt as a mother of 4, even the way my jeans felt a little tight after eating out constantly for 4 days. My gaze was down and around me. Not up. Not where life comes from. What we focus on MATTERS my friends. My pastor’s message and that time of worship was exactly what I needed to regroup. Let’s remember that friends! I hope this message is only for me, but I tend to think that someone else might need to hear it. I’ve received a lot of messages about my post a while back about how I start my day. Setting that intention and my focus on where it needs to be makes a huge difference for me. If you need some support on your journey to healthier living... mind, body, and soul.. I would love to invite you to join me in my Be Transformed Tribe virtual wellness studio! No strings attached!

S.H.E Ministries (@she_ministries) Instagram Profile Photo

S.H.E Ministries

Too often we pursue our passion because we’re good at something and not our purpose. SHE Ministries was created to focus in on Purpose. Helping women identify and cultivate their God-given purpose is what drives me. Have you identified YOUR purpose? Comment below👇🏾 #christcentered

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