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Workers' Compensation Appeals Board

Today a Workers’ Compensation Judge approved a $2.5 MILLION settlement for my client! This win was extraordinary as the attorneys at Arash Law had already obtained a $5.25 million policy limit for our client in his personal injury/third party case. Despite the fact that there was no employer negligence, I was still able to secure a seven figure settlement in my client’s workers’ comp case to help him move on after sustaining catastrophic injuries. It’s days like this I’m reminded how blessed I that I get to do what I love.

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Life is for living... When things are hard, when we face uncertainty, when we feel stuck...Braeden powers on. He shows us repeatedly how life should be appreciated and celebrated. The life lessons from this wee soul never fail to (still) amaze me... Wake without thinking of pains of yesterday Embrace every bit of light you are given, and CELEBRATE. EVERY. DAMN. DAY When ALL else fails...well, just SING! 🎶🎵 Baby 🌞🎵🎶 🦈🦈🦈 (You're welcome 😘) #catastrophicinjury

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Janelle M. Vega, Esq.

Aerial drone footage taken by one of our expert accident reconstructionists on one of our cases. Make sure when you hire an attorney, they are able to hire the best experts for your case! ⚖️👩‍⚖️💪 #catastrophicinjury

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Janelle M. Vega, Esq.

Client testimonials! Receiving kind words from my clients is a constant reminder of why I do what I do ⚖️💪👩‍⚖️ #catastrophicinjury

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Kline & Specter

Kline & Specter attorney Michael Trunk represented the family in what he describes as, “The most egregious case of malpractice I've seen in my nearly two decades of practicing law...I'm grateful that our more than five-year investigation and prosecution of this case uncovered the truth and provided closure to the family." Click the link in our bio ⬆️ to read the full article.

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