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Mel Kari - メリッサ カリウキ (@melichi_bliss) Instagram Profile Photo

Mel Kari - メリッサ カリウキ

Zürich, Switzerland

I very rarely stumble into success. I haven't often been like "Omg! I accidentally scored this cool gig" or "wow, I accidentally performed really well on xyz👀". ✅I've always had to be intentional about my achievements. First in selecting them & then in pursuing them. This why whenever people ask me, "How can I get X?", I say step 1 is to figure out what you want. What is your next goal? What's your next best step? What's your ideal next achievement?↗️ It doesn't have to be a socially accepted goal or something your parents would be proud of. It just has to be what you think is best for you at this time😊 At some point, last year, I decided I wanted to go to language school to learn Spanish. I didn't have a deep reason or a roadmap of why it would be useful to me in the next 5 years. I simply identified it as a challenge I wanted to overcome and it ended up being more fulfilling than I could have imagined💫 Once you've figured out what you want, you can figure out how to acheive it & channel your energy in thay direction🚀 If you're having trouble with this, drop me a message & we can chat more🌼

Life Coach Karen Kramer (@fypcoachkaren) Instagram Profile Photo

Life Coach Karen Kramer

Food isn't just veggies! We also need to celebrate and reward ourselves for reaching important goals and milestones. If you need help setting your goals, contact me for a free consultation. Or, if you just want to discuss how you're going to reward yourself, that sounds fun too . . . . . #careerplanning

UVU Career Development Center (@uvucdc) Instagram Profile Photo

UVU Career Development Center

StateFoodSafety, a leading provider of online food safety training solutions, is hiring a Marketing Specialist. They are looking for an individual who can help refine their marketing strategy, communicate their value proposition to potential customers, and work with their marketing team to develop advertising campaigns. If you have your Bachelors degree in Marketing, Business, PR or Communications this is a great opportunity! Follow this link to apply: #careerplanning jobs

Cherrie attended the Legal panel at HEALTHCON and found it very useful. Believe it or not, the legal panel is one of our most popular sessions! What has been your favorite session at conference and why? . . . . . #careerplanning 🌱 ,

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