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YTP Crashes&Failures lessons (@youtopia.std_crashes) Instagram Profile Photo

YTP Crashes&Failures lessons


YTP C&F • Subscribe for more! Here you can learn how not to do. Cross the road carefully! PLEASE, DRIVE SAFE! CONDUCE CON CUIDADO! ЕЗДИ ОСТОРОЖНО! #carcrash

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تصادف بی تصادف

عدم رعایت حق تقدم و حادثه ای که‌ به وجود آمد #carcrash

Ah yeah ye big hiya, we play in the bello bar in portobello this Saturday get there for 9 to catch s very rare and special car crash show that’s all I can say on that..,... oh oh hiya there’s more.....did you know our debut album ‘Blindspots’ is coming out soon, it’s got seven songs on about custody battles, Internet dating, point scoring in this binary world, inadequacy, conspiracy thinking, being unemployed, religion being a and untrue idea in reference to Islam but they’re all untrue and bad aren’t they ye...... 1. Eric 2. them Not Us 3. Drawings 4. What About Building 7 5. Gym Bunny 6. Wahoo 7. Violent Drift #carcrash

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