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ᗅ ℕ ⅅ ℛ ℰ ᗅ ℳ ℰ ⅅ ᝪ ℛ ⅈ

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Jahu Pomaski

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Taylor 👁‍🗨

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Lifestyle | Cars | Luxury

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Filippo Gangemi

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You wouldn’t use the same brakes on this Porsche as you would on a commuter car or pick up truck. Brake pads are designed for a specific temperature range, meaning your vehicle and driving style dictate what brake pads you should be using. The wrong pad, and you could end up with the classic problem of “warped rotors”. This commonly thrown around term is wrong because it’s actually brake pad material sticking to your rotors causing the vibrations, not a problem with your rotors. This doesn’t mean there’s only one pad option to get, there are many that will fit the bill for your ride. Check out the link in our bio for the details on what you need to know to get the perfect set of pads to keep you and your ride stopping strong. . . . #car

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