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Mikiya Taguchi

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Adrien Rubino

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Julius Paul Visual Storyteller

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Mi Bar Coquimbo

Crumbed Camembert with figs and Parmesan seed crackers ———————————————————————————- #camembert

We've got camembert... do you like saucisson? @tombrightmusic (@get_repost) ・・・ Another wild week in France. À bientôt! 🇫🇷 - @moustiquepresley @soreillymusic @liamlumiere @cafepeacock_lille - #Camembert

Выходные продолжаются! 🍴 😋 #camembert 🧀 d.o.p. Прекрасное настроение! 🍷

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« restaurant with my boyfriend in front of the match france vs belgium. 🍴🇫🇷💙 » #camembert

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Spero Foods

San Francisco, California

Camembert is the perfect lunch fare 🤩🧀 served with blackberries makes for a scrumptious snack! . . COMMENT your fruit of choice👇 . . WHY s p e r o ? . . 🍽HEALTH: plant protein 💪 & antioxidants ✨ (protective against disease), MORE: minerals, vitamins, fiber. GOOD gut bacteria from culturing. 🌱SUSTAINABILITY: !!!fights climate change!!! fewer CO2 emissions (~90% less for cheese; ~95% less for eggs), no methane (CH4) emissions (which is more potent than CO2; cows are our greatest source). Less land/water/CO2e than nut-products🌎 👅FLAVOR poppin’!: most realistic cheese; best tasting vegan/plantbased egg 🚫NO: hormones, soy, gluten, sugar, preservatives, antibiotics, cholesterol 🛒SHOP: via link in bio!!

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