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Marco Rinaldi

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Anna Franziska Müller-Hoffmann

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Ternuritas Tienda de Regalos

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Laura Silvestri

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Sarah Ottomano

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Polina Khlebnikova

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Yuli Arias

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Philipp Baumeister

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Princess 👑

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Ashley Hanna-Williams

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Bartek Miasik

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Clarice Reiser


Ist das dein Ernst mit diesem Business? Ist das dein Ernst mit dem Obst und Gemüse in einer Kapsel? Ist das wirklich dein Ernst? Gegenfragen: Ist es dein Ernst, dass du dazu bereit bist 40 Jahre lang, 40 Stunden die Woche für die Träume eines anderen zu verkaufen? (Mieser Deal, Lebenszeit bekommt man nicht zurück) Ist es dein Ernst, dass du noch immer glaubst, wir haben auch nur ansatzweise das in unseren herkömmlichen "Lebens"mitteln, das unser Körper braucht, um perfekt zu funktionieren? Think again! Ist es wirklich dein Ernst jemanden zu verurteilen, der bereit ist sein Leben selbst in die Hand zu nehmen und für seine eigenen Träume zu arbeiten? Jeder, der sich jetzt angegriffen fühlt oder in irgendeiner Art und Weise etwas dazu zu sagen hat, ich freu mich unendlich über eure Nachrichten

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Willogical Notion

Surat, Gujarat

Planning to gift something to you best friends... Let's gift them a new inspiration, today.. A duo of bff has approached us recently to design a brand identity for his friend who is a skillful makeup expert. And we end up giving them a color and art we never expect will look so gorgeous. @_thefashioncocaine good luck for your new initiative. May you get all the success in it... . . woman

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Business & Entrepreneur

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ For those who get triggered: I'm NOT talking about the people who only have $200 on their bank account here. If your budget is really limited, I'm completely with you, start off LOW. I'm talking to all the people who have an iPhone X, buy Jordans or some other sh*t. You trying to save $20 is killing your business. If you have cash for new shoes, f*ck the shoes, get a cheaper pair of Nike's for $50 instead of $150 or $200 and reinvest into business. Many people here want to make a million bucks but try to save $30 on software. it's a mindset that will destroy your business. Cheap is the little brother of "crap" so if you want to go BIG go PRO. I got to mention this as we're a community of 260,000 people and I target different groups with different posts so once again: feel triggered if you have the money and go to McDonalds once a week, relax if you're under financial pressure. It's ok to be broke and in need but its bs to have the budget and be b*tching about every dollar while wanting to build an empire. Credit: @younghstlrs

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Chirag Khoiwal

Global CEO and founder de mantra thank you so much @drmeghanadikshit ma'am for giving your precious time to me had a very insightful and thought provoking conversation . . . . . . . #businesswoman

United States of America (USA)

How do I prepare for the week ahead to ensure myself and my members are fully loaded with the best possibility of success?💎 . First and foremost, the most successful people with the highest level of performance are those who have highly effective habits. Many of us probably associate habits with negatives. For example, bad eating habits, bad exercise habits, even bad trading habits! Not many people however associate with positive habits and getting yourself into some kind of routine which you know is highly effective when it comes to your own performance📈 . When it comes to habits, and preparing for the week ahead, I complete most if not all my analysis on a Saturday. Then on Sunday I come back with a fresh pair of eyes to review the analysis again before I deliver it on my webinar. And as crazy as this sounds, talking your analysis out loud really does help provide clarity.🧠 . These small habits ensure that me and my members are set up for success for the week ahead. What positive habits do you guys have to ensure you are fully prepared for the week ahead? Share them below👇🏼 ______ . . . . . .                     woman

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