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Happy FAQ Friday! Q: Why is VoIP a good choice for my business? A: VoIP is highly reliable and versatile. It enables you to receive up to six phone calls on one device compared to a standard analog phone, which limits you to one call per line. By using VoIP technology, you will never miss an important call!


ConfiableTech is on mission to help small businesses to grow with lowest technical cost! Call us (301) 447-0477 [MD] &(571) 370-5050 [VA] #businessvoip

When you upgrade to Voxtell, you’re guaranteed 24/7 customer support, outstanding reliability and total security 🙌


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't Worry! ConfiableTech's IT Services & CCTV Surveillance Professional Teams can take care in no time.Call us (301) 447-0477 [MD] &(571) 370-5050 [VA] #businessvoip #businessvoip

@disney is starting a streaming service called Disney+ that’s predicted to outpace @netflix in 5 years! Do you think this prediction is possible? 📸: @labusinessjournal

The key to success is to plan ahead ✨

Frederick, Maryland

Save money, boost productivity and keep your network secure with Managed IT services for your business.! .Call us (301) 447-0477 [MD] &(571) 370-5050 [VA] #businessvoip


Whether your business is a small office, retail establishment or a large corporation, you can benefit from the amazing IP-based communications. ConfiableTech IT services available today! .Call us(301) 447-0477 [MD] &(571) 370-5050 [VA] #businessvoip

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