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Tempe, Arizona

Did you know that the harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it? Don't settle until you get it. Management

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Entrepreneurship + Networking

Watch our Youtube series to get some of the best advice you need to build your network marketing business: Let's connect and DM me your biggest business questions! 👉🏼@craigschulze👈🏼 at your service. 👊🏼

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Athletic Mindset Coach

Let me guess… You’re getting together with friends and they told you the place you’re eating at. You frantically look it up online and see if they have a menu. Luckily they do and you start to search for what you can eat. Sadly they don’t have the macros listed, so you have to guess what everything will be like so you can calculate it out. You find something that will work, but you have to customize it a bit in order to fit your diet. When you get there, everyone is having fun, looking at the menu, deciding what to eat, and you do the same even though you know exactly what you’re getting. Friends are choosing meals that sound amazing and you’ve secretly been craving for the past few months, but you go with your basic meal. You’re having a good time talking until the food comes. Their food looks and smells wonderful! While yours looks almost exactly like your food at home. They don’t make a big deal over it, even though you know they just want you to enjoy some good food too. Conversation is great as always, but then desert is brought up. You rarely see them and they say they why not! But you can’t… Not because you have a competition, show, game, race or anything like that coming up, but just because…you can’t… So again, you say no thanks, I don’t want any; even though you really do. And the strange guilt, frustration, deprivation and questions come up again. You want nothing more than to be able to just go out, enjoy life and not feel like food is controlling you. But is this going to be the final straw, or will the cycle continue? Because, let me tell you… You can have that freedom. But, are you ready to finally have it? It is possible, and I can help you get there. PS. I'm doing a LIVE series next week on my Facebook page, breaking down how to accomplish this and so much more in food, movement and life!

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Finança Po$itiva

Exemplo de Sustentabilidade! China constrói a maior usina de geração de energia a partir de lixo do mundo Ela entrará em operação em 2020 e tem capacidade de processar 5 mil toneladas de resíduos por dia. Ela vai transformar em energia 1/3 do lixo produzido na região metropolitana de Shenzhen, com 20 milhões de habitantes. Reduzir custos aumentado a eficiência também é lucrar mais! management

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