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Joanna Andrews

After seeing that these shampoo and conditioners by @ogxbeautyuk contain biotin I’ve decided to try them out for a few months and see if they help my hair to grow. I know it’s grown loads over the last year but now it’s starting to feel like it’s taking ages to grow and it’s really stuck at that in between stage where it’s not short enough to just leave it but not really long enough to do anything worth it other than small french plaits using a million hair grips or a small ponytail again using a million hair grips. Going from nothing to my hair now you could see the difference of it growing but now you can’t which makes it feel even more like it’s just going to be like this forever. I can’t wait to have hair that I can actually do something with which is why as soon as I saw this product I knew I had to try it. Biotin is known to help your hair and nails grow so this should do the same right as well as containing collagen to make it thicker. If this works it’s going to have to go on every chemotherapy patients list of products to use post treatment. I actually measured the top back and sides of my hair yesterday so I can get a real idea of how much this shampoo and conditioner works. #breastcancer

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Lisa-Marie Hamilton

Of out on an adventure not sure where let's see where it takes us 😍😍😎 #breastcancer

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BreastScreen Victoria

Our Health Promotion Officer Danyel went to the Health Expo at The Village Baxter in Frankston. It's a retirement community that is home to over 700 residents across 70-something acres. We were there to talk about the mobile screening service, which will be in Frankston 5-16 August, but we ended up talking to folks about breast awareness at all ages. Many people we spoke with didn't realise they are still at risk and can screen in their seventies. @VillageBaxter #breastcancer #breastcancer

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Maasstad Ziekenhuis

Fitter na chemo - Goed spul die chemo 😉 Uit de fit test van vanochtend in het ziekenhuis kw dat ik nu fitter ben dan voor de chemo. Het blijven bewegen tijdens de chemo heeft bij mij dus goed uitgepakt. Het doel was fit blijven maar ik ben zelfs sterker geworden en stiekem ben ik daar best trots op. Ik schrijf er wel bij dat ik af en toe flink heb moeten bijkomen van de inspanning en ook wel eens afgeremd werd want de chemo op zich is al top sport. Het is daarom belangrijk om goed naar je licha te luisteren. Ik hoop echt dat ik in deze flow kan blijven zodra het “echte leven “ weer begint. Want naast werken en een druk gezin schiet sporten er vaak bij in. Ik wil proberen om niet in oude patronen terug te vallen dus moet goed nadenken ik dat allemaal ga doen. Want balans is de sleutel maar dat is zo moeilijk als je uit evenwicht bent. ————————————————————— Good stuff chemo 😉 This morning's fit test at the hospital showed that I now fitter than before the chemo. Excersising during the chemo helped me well. My goal was to stay fit but I have even become stronger and secretly I'm quite proud of that. But i have to tell too that I have had to recover a lot from the effort and sometimes was slowed down because the chemo itself is already top sport. Thats why It is therefore important to listen carefully to your . I really hope that I can stay in this flow as soon as "real life" starts again. Because in addition to working and a busy fily life , sports are often an issue. I want to try not to fall back into old patterns so I have to think carefully about how I going to do all that. Because balance is the key, but that is so difficult when you are out of control. #breastcancer

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GT nutrizione & benessere

ALCOL E TUMORE AL SENO Numerosi studi dimostrano la stretta correlazione tra alcol e tumore al seno. Non è ancora del tutto chiaro in che modo l'etanolo e il suo metabolita acetaldeide alterino il meccanismo di riproduzione di una cellula, ma di certo c'è che le bevande alcoliche, apportando energia, aumentano le probabilità di insorgenza di sovrappeso e obesità (quest'ultima fattore di rischio per l'insorgenza di diversi tumori, compreso quello al seno). A ciò occorre aggiungere che LA TOSSICITÀ DELL' ALCOL, per ragioni biologiche, È PIÙ SPICCATA NELLA DONNA che nell'uomo. L' ETANOLO POTENZIA L' AZIONE DEGLI ESTROGENI considerati la «benzina» per la crescita della maggior parte dei tumori della mammella. I consumi di alcol nelle donne adulte e anziane, secondo le linee guida internazionali, non dovrebbero andare oltre i dieci grammi al giorno (un bicchiere). Ma considerando la scarsa capacità di misurare i consumi e la tendenza del rischio a crescere in maniera proporzionale, la comunità scientifica predica prudenza: 😉👉PER PREVENIRE IL CANCRO MEGLIO NON BERE! cancer

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