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Liz Bevilacqua

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Meredith Pike-Meher

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Dzentlemen Clothing

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Message‼️ Gratitude x Empathy x Patience = Recipe of the Healthy & Wealthy. I’m really just glad to be here!!! 1 in 7.8Billion... 1 in 400 trillion odds at ever getting a life. I can’t stress this enough; how lucky & special we are just to be here.... I don’t understand the animosity and cynicism most love to deploy so quickly; hence why I focus on spreading love & positivity as much as I can just to give it a fighting chance against all the hate I see going on... its far too much of it, and speaks way louder than positivity does right now... I even get frowned upon at times for being so positive and optimistic... but I will keep spreading my truth, as it’s helped a few along the way and I just hope I can help as many more people as I can while I’m here & able to. Much love & peace to all❤️✌🏼 #BestDayEver

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Rachel Johnson

New Jersey

Everyone: How’s married life? Me: if the last 30 days are any indication to the life I’m building with @sammy_jay294 then I’d say married life is like sleeping next a giant teddy bear that auto adjusts to your crazy sleep pattern, like having a robot always know when your hungry and that there should always be snacks in the car; it’s like laughing so hard you’ve almost found your 6 pack, but most of all it’s meal prepping your life out and still going out to eat just because. Married life is perfect. I highly recommend it. 📸 @carolynjorgensenphotography #bestdayever

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♡ M E L A N Y ♡

Some days I just don't want to talk to anyone. It's not personal✨ • • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ever

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Tere Pineda

Recordando un poquito ese día tan bonito #bestdayever @jscalderon

It was my 1st birthday party, ya'll! My BFF Mika came over and brought me this silly hat and shirt. #bestdayever

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Aria, soaking in all of Batuu!🌚🖤 She was so mesmerized by everything around her. Seeing these priceless smiles on her face is just the best! I love spending the day at the parks with my girl, it’s the best mommy daughter time ever. Tag your favorite Disney bestie in the comments!👯‍♀️❤️

Pro tip: always make sure you have French fries close by #bestdayever

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