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Everyday Conservation (@everydayconservation) Instagram Profile Photo

Everyday Conservation

Stumbled across this beetle I’ve never seen while at work today. Got my research on a discovered that this is a Grapevine beetle (a member of the scarab beetle family). Always remember to look down while hiking, you’re to see something new! - - - #beetles

William Seung Ki Hong (@phalacrognathus_muelleri) Instagram Profile Photo

William Seung Ki Hong

Some insects had washed ashore from the flood. I was able to save a darkling beetle, a green leaf scarab and was able to spot a ground beetle on a leaf. #beetles

Dorset Trapnell (@dwtrapnell) Instagram Profile Photo

Dorset Trapnell

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Gotta love crazy looking beetles in the tropics! #beetles

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