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— Lindsay (@novelandink) Instagram Profile Photo

— Lindsay

: do you collect any bookish mercy? Any favourite shops? . . I don’t really collect much, but I could immediately tell my pin collection is going to start growing exponentially the minute I snagged this Shades of Magic pin from @_iceydesigns! It is just so, so lovely (photos just can’t do it justice) and I want a million of them 😂 I’ve always been a big fan of pins & prints. They’re things that you can easily display and get use out of, which I think is why I like them so much. . . . Yesterday, the lovely @bookish_starlight tagged me in the ! So here goes: . 🌿 Can you read a book in one sitting? >>> I can and I have! I vividly remember doing it with Shadow and Bone. . 🌿 When did you get into reading? >>> I was so young, I can’t even remember! I can thank my parents for my love of books. They’re great lovers of reading and bought me and my sister so many books over the years, and my dad always read out loud to us. I did get away from reading for leisure during my first two years at uni (the literature degree completely took over) but last summer I dove back in and now spend practically every free second reading. . 🌿 Do you get sick while reading in a car? >>> Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If it’s dark out then I never get ill. But sometimes during the day I’ll get a bit queazy. Nothing too bad though, and it’ll never be bad enough to take me away from a good book. . . Thanks for the tag!

Blackwell's Lancaster (@lancasterblackwells) Instagram Profile Photo

Blackwell's Lancaster

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's The Gruffalo is an undisputed modern classic and has become a best-selling phenomenon across the world with over 13.5 million copies sold. This award-winning rhyming story of a mouse and a monster has found its way into the hearts and bedtimes of an entire generation of children and will undoubtedly continue to enchant children for years and years to come. No home should be without The Gruffalo! . . . . . . . #beautifulbooks

Jane Austen died 202 years ago today; by genuine coincidence, I'm currently rereading Sense and Sensibility and had my copy on me when I walked past this patch of wildflowers! I know, it sounds incredibly insta-fake, but it's true nevertheless. . . I had to learn how to read Jane Austen. For years I was completely taken in by the rom-com hype around her books and, cynical riot-grrrl feminist that I was, had no interest in reading them. Then I forced myself to read three in a row and realised the depths of sarcasm and cynicism hidden under her flawless prose. A fellow student tried to claim Jane Austen is too prissy for his tastes, he preferred the rage of the Brontës, so I calmly explained that Austen is the Brontës hidden under a doily, and that if he read Pride and Prejudice with compassion for the Bennett sisters and some imagination as to what their future would be, he'd discover it's actually a horror story, not just a romance. . . The second he dissed Jane Austen, every woman in that literature master's class held her breath and gave him side-eye; it was deeply funny. . . . #beautifulbooks

I thought this was fire on the cover but it looks like a pomegranate being sliced by a glowing knife. Interesting. #beautifulbooks

Do you guys read any book blogs? If so comment them below I would love to check them out!✨

👊 Elodie _ 27 ans _ 83 🙌 (@lecture_licorne83) Instagram Profile Photo

👊 Elodie _ 27 ans _ 83 🙌

[ Bookhaut Juillet ] Hello 😃 Aujourd'hui je viens vous présenter mes achats que juillet qui seront seuls je pense 😃. Il y a donc 3 romans qui sont: - Les quatres accords de Toltéques de Don Miguel Ruiz. - The Underworld Chronic t.1 de Kyrian Malone. - Hemlock t.2. . Voilà j'ai trop hâte de découvrir romans pour vous en parlez mes licornes 💜. . Vous connaissez certains de ces livres ? #beautifulbooks

yap khai jian (KJ) (@khaijian) Instagram Profile Photo

yap khai jian (KJ)

Day 2 I accepted a 7 day challenge from @fanfiaddict to post the cover of books I love - no explanations, no reviews, just the covers. Let's promote literacy and support of public libraries and READING. Today I nominate @lordofcrowsauthor 🤗🤗 #beautifulbooks

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