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⚔️גלעד המזוקן•Bearded Gilad⚔️ (@beardedgilad) Instagram Profile Photo

⚔️גלעד המזוקן•Bearded Gilad⚔️

☠ Mя. ƁєαяɗєƊαηιєƖ ☠ (@mr._daniel79) Instagram Profile Photo

☠ Mя. ƁєαяɗєƊαηιєƖ ☠

Carlos 8A (@_karlos8a) Instagram Profile Photo

Carlos 8A

⚔ MIЯΛ BIΣИ ⚔ Sólo por el hecho de que no veas algo, no quiere decir que debas cerrar los ojos. -Ray Charles. Tema por: @g.carnevali De: @beardedvillains_ve -------------------------------------------------- 🇻🇪 ⚔ΒΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛΙИS VΣNΣZUΣLΛ⚔ 🇻🇪 _________________________ ⚔I'm a⚔ΒΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛΙИS VΣNΣZUΣLΛ⚔ Villains 🅱🅴🅰🆁🅳🅴🅳 🆅🅸🅻🅻🅰🅸🅽🆂 ••• ⚔🏴ΒΣΛЯDΣD VIŁŁΛΙИS ŁΛTIИΩS🏴⚔ ••• _______________________________ My Brothers: @beardedvillains My Chapter: @beardedvillains_ve My Alliance: @beardedvillainslatino My president: @von_knox My Captain:@jesusdesanmiguel My co-cap:@alejandrodaguiar My Secretary: @bearded_pedro My Lieutenant: @g.carnevali My Sargent: @rodolfoacosta22 My Scout:@jesusdesanmiguel Enforcer: @romel_fernando and @bearded_pedro Member: @romel_fernando @adolfoplager Villains: @eduinbearded @ejhndz @irwingmed @_karlos8a Hopeful: @rodriguezrafa_ Supports: @manuel_venezuela @parra575 @carlosjsanchezr @henry_vizuete @ojito_ojis_ @jamemonky @ronaldronfotografia --------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚔BЯOTHΣЯHOOD⚔ ⚔LOYΛLTY⚔ ⚔ЯΣSPΣCT⚔ ⚔FΛMILY⚔ _____________________________________

Fer Rothar (@frothar) Instagram Profile Photo

Fer Rothar

@beardedvillains news⚔ Thank you very much @americatv @animalessueltosok @rochicuenca @fantinofantino , for the note ... the #beardedvillains the "bearded villains": A grouping of bearded boys who fight against prejudice and do many acts of charity🧔🏽. " Big hug to all the people who communicated with us, the good vibes are incredible .... 🇦🇷muchas gracias canal 2 por la nota...los #beardedvillains los “villanos barbudos”: Una agrupación de muchachos barbudos que luchan contra los prejuicios y hacen muchos actos de caridad🧔🏽." Abrazo grande a toda la gente que se comunicó con nosotros, la buena onda es increíble.... #beardedvillains Reposted from @beardedvillainsargentina

Dan Cummins aka

Dan Cummins aka " Dan_0

⚔ WISE BEYOND MY YEARS ⚔ If your tagged for the Face Challenge, please give it a try and let's if you looks as bad as my old . LMFAO ______________________________________________________⚔ BΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛIПS ⚔ @beardedvillains @von_Knox @beardedvillainstoronto edVillains 🎩🗡👊🍻🍁🐗⚔

Scott Bilzerian (@banffbilzerian) Instagram Profile Photo

Scott Bilzerian

⚔️BELTERS⚔️ The lot of them...but I wouldn't have them any other way! ⚔️BV SCOTLAND⚔️ ⚔VILLΛΙИS OVER THE WALL⚔ ⚔ΒΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛΙИS⚔ #beardedvillains@beardedvillains ⚔Stay Loyal Stay Bearded Stay a Villain ⚔ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ @beardedvillains_scotland ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖  

🇫🇷🇷🇪🇻🇳Supertramp 974🇻🇳🇷🇪🇫🇷 (@supertramp_974) Instagram Profile Photo

🇫🇷🇷🇪🇻🇳Supertramp 974🇻🇳🇷🇪🇫🇷

Paris, France

⏳Once upon One Beard⏳ 🇺🇸/🇫🇷 03/24/19 While my life had taken a normal rhythm, a new ordeal was waiting for me... Victim of an attempted homicide at the end of my work, I was lucky that the 3 bullets that touched me did not touch anything vital. May God keep me and keep you 🙏🏽. Anecdote: Thank you @jumpman23 for his Spizike who with his ankle reinforcement saved my foot 🙏🏽. 24/03/19 Alors que ma vie avait pris un rythme normal, une nouvelle épreuve m’attendait... Victime d’une tentative d’homicide à la sortie de mon travail, j’eu de la chance que 3 bal m’ayant touché ne touchèrent rien de vitale. Que dieu me garde et vous garde 🙏🏽. Anecdote : Merci à Jordan pour son modèle Spizike qui avec son renfort cheville m’a sauvé le pied 🙏🏽. edvillains humble

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