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My Tiny Cook Spot | Kate (@mytinycookspot) Instagram Profile Photo

My Tiny Cook Spot | Kate

Lakeview, Chicago

When you go from not knowing what to have for dinner, to making a dope with @melody___________m . Yeast Pizza Crust Caramelized Onions Sliced Chorizo Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Cherry Tomatoes Basil

- experimenting with trimming techniques and decided to see how long I could continously crop this basil. The styrofoam tray the basil sat in started off floating to get nutrients to the rockwool cubes, but once the roots came through, this table was strictly NFT, with only enough flow to keep the roots from getting dried out. I stripped every viable leaf off of these plants every week for about 8 months. It didn't matter how hard I stripped them, by the next week, there would 30-40% more leaves/weight than the previous week. #basil

Keli Laverty (@kelilaverty) Instagram Profile Photo

Keli Laverty

Favorite part of 🌞Summer🌞...the Farm Fresh Produce!! 🌽🍅🌱 Credit to @downtoearthharvest and My Tower Garden #Basil

Doesn't that bonbon look like the cutest little cherry on top of the ice cream? It's our strawberry basil bon, not cherry, on top of our strawberry ice cream. Yum!😋🍓 #basil

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Home cooking at its yummiest! @nytcooking Greek shrimp with tomatoes and feta, a simple eggplant parm (with our tomatoes and basil and a neighbor’s eggplant), and roasted broccoli. #basil

Atlanta, Georgia

Basil Bouquet from the garden #basil

look at the girth on my basil plant. no idea I'm gonna use all this basil for

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