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Kim Dohrmann (@mimmsislife) Instagram Profile Photo

Kim Dohrmann

Bratapfel kuchen Yummy #bakemyday

alexandrina FELIZDIA (@alexandrinafelizdia) Instagram Profile Photo

alexandrina FELIZDIA

Feliz Dia

Les muestro el pastel que entregamos este fin de semana: Un Buzz Lightyear en 3D 🚀 para ir al infinito y más allá... . Nos encantó el reto 💙 no usamos rkt, su interior fue completamente pastel. Fue algo difícil tomarle fotos al festejado 😅 . Recuerda que puedes escoger a tu personaje favorito. Tu lo imaginas y nosotros lo hacemos comestible 😁 . . party 🍰 #bakemyday . .

Bake My Day Кулинарная Студия (@bmday39) Instagram Profile Photo

Bake My Day Кулинарная Студия


Всем добрый вечер 💫 Как Вам наш прямой эфир?😎с мастер-классом по приготовлению кейк-попсов 🍡😋думаем повторить в финальный день, и поделимся секретом приготовления нашего специального блюда😉 Завтра ребят ждёт интересный день, а по программе у нас зелёная пицца🤪🍕 и капкейки с необычной начинкой 🧁 #bakemyday    

tym razem same kwiaty 🌸💐🌺🌿 . . . . . . . . . . myday

It seems surreal that the cake is finished and already picked up! I promise these are the last pictures of this cake! * #🎂 #bakemyday

Gianluca's | Fulham, London (@gianlucascafe) Instagram Profile Photo

Gianluca's | Fulham, London

👨🏻‍🍳🔪We love to peak into the work of our chefs. They always put so much care and effort into cooking. That’s why they work here! But more importantly, we want to satisfy your curiosity as well as ours. . So look at this process of cooking paprika for your plate! How good does that look? 😋🍴 . . . . . . #bakemyday

Bake My Day

Happy Tuesday! Just a reminder that we have made a few changes to our daily lunch and cake by the slice schedule. Swipe to see this week’s schedule! Today we are serving taco soup. We also serve chicken salad sandwiches and pimento cheese sandwiches everyday! #bakemyday

Lee is turning 90 years young today. Her friends and family are having are surprising her with a party today🎉🎈🎂 They wanted yellow and lots of bright flowers...I think they got it! Happy birthday Lee!!☺️ * #🎂 #bakemyday

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