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Stephen Foster Design

Sunday Morning Music & Art . Music, the Salon, and Art Nouveau- A few years ago, while visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I came across a collection of music CDs in the gift shop. This collection of more that a dozen individual discs, pairs an art movement with the popular music of the time. The multi page insert has a brief history and a few choice reproductions. Unfortunately unavailable in vinyl, these compilations are a wonderful idea, taking you closer to understanding the visual art of a time period through the music then being performed. Of the many produced, this one is a favorite for obvious reasons if you are at all familiar with my work. Inspired by the sinuous organic lines of the Art Nouveau style, Fin-de-siecle composers also idealized and romanticized nature. From Puccini and Debussy to Grieg and Mascagni. The series was produced by Leon Klaymen for Art in Concert. . Currently playing this while looking through one of the most beautifully produced books on Art Nouveau that I own. ‘Art Nouveau by Otto Lorenz’ is filled with work from the movement, along with a very well written essay on the period’s beginnings and flowering in the graphic arts. Half the book is screen printed on uncoated stock, with the other half in full color on coated paper. With many double page images of work from around the world, it is visually like no other. Published in the UK in 1985. Swirling musical notes following swirling drawn lines. Heaven. . . #aubreybeardsley

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Gainesville, Virginia

I snoozed, I loozed. #aubreybeardsley

Josie's mad that I didn't take her to see The Lion King with @caitcurrie , so I brought her back some presents. #aubreybeardsley

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Leo luego existo -Aida

El 🖊 es para que se vea la dimensión de uno de los tesoros que me llevo de 💛Digo uno de los tesoros no solo por las compras ,visitar ese pueblo y callejear por el ya es una experiencia a destacar. 💛 con los dibujos originales de #aubreybeardsley reconstruye la obra de 💛 me sorprendió gratamente por su catálogo de viejo y novedades y ver a el “dependiente “ trabajando como escritor es una de esas cosas especiales que solo pasan en lugares especiales. 😂

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Natasha Latalladi😐

Today I summon the ghosts of #aubreybeardsley and to help me feel inspired again to .

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新芽 トリ

. 2/2「修学旅行に行きたくない」(2018年、全12p) あらすじ 9月某日、京都の修学旅行の集団行動する為の班が発表された。 その班は、いつも僕を虐げたり、悪口を言ったりするメンバーしかいなかった。 修学旅行先で孤独になるのはもう目に見えている。 それでも先生も家族も行かないという選択肢を許さなかった。 説教と威圧の狭間に悶え、悩み、絶望から逃れる為に自分なりの主張"家出"を決行する… Instagramでの公開のため、文字が見にくいですが、下記のURL(個人ホームページ)は大きくて見やすいです。コピーが出来ない場合は、私のプロフィールからも飛べます。宜しくお願いいたします。 . . #Aubreybeardsley

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