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Fig Tree Marketplace

: The Israelite priests wore garments made from what type of fabric? Comment the answer below. The first person with the correct answer will get a 10% off coupon code.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #AreYouPrepared

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Food Banks BC

If you are returning home after a wildfire, make sure the roads are open & safe and don't enter your home until fire officials say it's safe to do so. Our BC Food banks are prepped in case of emergencies so they are equipped to help their community with food, etc. should the need arise.

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Instinct Ready

Huge thank you to everyone who has already went to our site and signed up for updates on our product! To those who have not and are interested in the worlds first customizable go bag, there is still time to sign up and receive a 15% off coupon for the first release of the U-Pak. Just go to and sign up for updates by July 17th to receive your coupon! #areyouprepared

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SunPoint Home Loans #1559260

SunPoint Home Loans, nmls #1559260 #areyouprepared

This week's episode is brought to you by Lil Barry⛈. We want to know what does your single season look like? . . . The storms of life are inevitable and I believe a big one for singles is LONELINESS! In this episode Raye and Tee talk about the importance of preparing for the storms of life & how to cope with loneliness. We also share about our special giveaway to celebrate reaching 100 followers on instagram! Be sure to participate by rating, commenting, & subscribing to us on apple podcast. We appreciate your support❤️

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Vergel Reyes

Earthquake 🌍 #AreYouPrepared It’s and one of our affiliates (that has a complete Earthquake Fault, Liquefaction, and Landslide Zones in their report that provides our clients with all the disclosure information they need regarding their property) had shared this information ℹ️ during our meeting. As you know California has been prone to serious earthquakes in recent years. In 2016 there were many tremors along the Southern Portion Of The San Andreas Fault. The key 🔑 to surviving an earthquake and lowering your risk of injury is planning, preparing and practicing what you and your family will do if it happens. Here’s what you should do: •Develop An Evacuation Plan •Write Down Important Information And Secure It •Gather And Store Important Documents In A Fire-Proof Safe •Know where to take cover in your home or office •Prepare An Emergency 🚨 Supply Kit •Food And Water 💧 For At Least A Week •Battery Powered Radio And Flashlight 🔦 •Extra Batteries 🔋 🔋 •First Aid Kit •Dust Masks To Filter The Air •Manual Can Opener •Prescriptions, Diapers, And Baby 🍼 Formula •Pet Food •Garbage Bags And Ties For Personal Sanitation For more information ℹ️ go to That’s it for . Let’s Make This A Fabulous Day EveryONE! .298.6219

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🌟🌹 /G\ “Being SisteR and BrotheR means being there for each other........... • A few servers/ vessels of the community. We’re growing thru it, getting thru it to GET TO IT‼️ #AreYouPrepared Psa 🗣 if you haven’t been thru dark times you can’t resonate with the ones going thru the “dark times” to get that “Light” at the end of the tunnel. LIFE is based upon experiences... You see the higher power only gives the hardest test to the strongest ones.... Don’t insult our process 💯 we’re @exodusfreesociety @fiefiebeats @frederickmchenry @kanebwa @red_dog_357 @pen7pub @jenniferpobee35 @middleman100it @ogunsakinbey_mgmg @thealphaempresspriestessaj

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