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Stephanie Jesko 🌿 (@s_jesko) Instagram Profile Photo

Stephanie Jesko 🌿

britneyreads ♡ (@britneyreads) Instagram Profile Photo

britneyreads ♡

Anxiety Peak Of Panic (@health_anxiety) Instagram Profile Photo

Anxiety Peak Of Panic

Giulia Paffy (@paffy_selenita) Instagram Profile Photo

Giulia Paffy

J E S S ✨K U I K E N (@jesskuiken_) Instagram Profile Photo

J E S S ✨K U I K E N

Brighton and Hove

Embracing all you are is the only way to grow ❤️ - If you live your life in imitation or comparison to someone else then you will only be chasing their happiness not yours. How can you compare something that is unique? What makes us different makes us special⭐️ - If you have insecurities then you need to address them not hide from them🤦🏻‍♀️As hard as that sounds it’s crucial to creating your identity and living the life that’s tailored just for you. 🙆🏻‍♀️Life is a menu of options, you don’t need to eat from someone else plate when you can choose your own!!!

Nicole S. Williams (@ntrllysavvyish) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicole S. Williams

A little mid-week motivation. I’m currently experiencing some doubt about a situation that hasn’t even happened yet. Thank you anxiety 🙃. This makes me not want to move forward and so I’m getting in my own way before an opportunity has even presented itself. The good thing is, I’m recognizing this behavior and I’m going to work towards changing it. . . . #anxiety

dynamicthinking (@dynamicthinking) Instagram Profile Photo


My is a rollercoaster, and not one of those cool ones either. The past two days have seen me feeling low and occasionally distraught. I've gone through a period of feeling my own worthlessness. Today, thanks to the @mindcharity website and the guide, I decided I had to go outside for a while. Here I am, with and . I'm going to sort my out... or fail and be miserable forever, it seems. #anxiety

HIKIKOMORI.CLUB 🖤 sadboi slaps ( Instagram Profile Photo

HIKIKOMORI.CLUB 🖤 sadboi slaps

Hope everyone has a wonderful day ✨🖤 . . . . . . #anxiety

Wullie crainey (@liverlungwullie) Instagram Profile Photo

Wullie crainey

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Got this wee cheery number up on my Etsy and is a perfect representation of the utter fear and anxiety I have when it comes to doing anything creative. That being that whatever I churn out will be utter shite. Have a wee swatch. Link in my Bio #anxiety

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