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Happy Birthday Heute wird unsere kleine Fellnase schon 1 Jahr alt. Du hast unser Leben wirklich bereichert und machst uns sehr sehr glücklich 🐾🎉 Deine Großen Lieben Hundeaugen machen so einiges wieder wett. Schön das wir dich haben durften ♥️ Auf dem ersten Bild ist die kleine Pupsbacke knapp 8 Wochen alt und das zweite ist aktuell von heute mit seinem Geburtstagsknochen. 🦴🐾 Auf viele weitere Jahre mit Dir 🎁🎉🥰 Der Post sollte gestern schon raus gehen, aber leider war das aufgrund des Stromausfalls nicht möglich. 😓 ~23.07.2018~ —————————————— #amstaffpuppy

Zeus & Kali (@zeus.kali) Instagram Profile Photo

Zeus & Kali

Backyard laps and biting . How these two play.

Dani Willingham, KPA CTP (@consciouscanines) Instagram Profile Photo

Dani Willingham, KPA CTP

Multnomah Falls - Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Phew! What a few days it’s been! Sorry we’ve been absent, we have fily in town and it’s been non-stop action since before the weekend with no signs of stopping for at least another week 🤪 Anyways, this picture is from Asher’s first time hiking Multnomah Falls this past Saturday 🏔 ▪️ We went with my daughter and her grandparents, and made it an hour up. The trail was really crowded even early in the morning, so Asher practiced his “paws up” cue lots - pretty much every time other dogs or people passed 🐾 I wasn’t really interested in fielding petting requests or reinforcing him for pulling towards all the new people, and having him hang out with his 2 front feet up the side of the mountain with his back to everyone while taking food out of my hand worked really well to solve both those issues 😂 We went further up than initially planned because of the fily’s excitement, and Asher’s and brain were both pretty fried by the time we turned around to head down, so my husband carried him and I carried our toddler and we basically ran to the bottom 🏃🏼‍♀️😅 ▪️ For our first major hike, and one so crowded at that, I’ll call it a success and excited to improve on outings like this 👍🏼 Plus how cute did he look posing in front of the falls? 😍 Hoping everyone is having a good week! ❤️✨🐺🖤

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