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🌏Ryuya 屈辱のラケットバッカー🇯🇵 ( Instagram Profile Photo

🌏Ryuya 屈辱のラケットバッカー🇯🇵

Visual Vinyl (@visual_vinyl) Instagram Profile Photo

Visual Vinyl

Styled to a T (@styled_to_a_t) Instagram Profile Photo

Styled to a T

Tafarel Jose Dias (@scharkjd) Instagram Profile Photo

Tafarel Jose Dias

_Sophia_Loves_Decor (@mystylemyhomemydecor) Instagram Profile Photo


_Sophia_Loves_Decor (@mystylemyhomemydecor) Instagram Profile Photo


Laura Pizzuti (@laurajpizzuti) Instagram Profile Photo

Laura Pizzuti

💗,Bec (@luvbec) Instagram Profile Photo


Teal Trunk (@tealtrunk) Instagram Profile Photo

Teal Trunk


New music released TODAY by our very own founder and friend @gaaronbarbosa! This is readily available for listening on almost every music platform. 🔉🎶 We took some time to hear from our founder Aaron Barbosa about how this song was inspired. There’s no wonder why everyone at Minstrels is blessed to work with Aaron and continue being mentored by someone who writes and sings from the heart. “I was inspired to write this song after a series of losses in my life. This perspective came from when I felt far from God. I thought surely I was paying the price for something that I did wrong. I just couldn’t catch a break. My error was ‘ever before me’ & my regrets about life were unshakable. I knew God loved me, but couldn’t feel it like I did in my younger years. I have so many more answers now, but back then there was so much spiritual silence. From that place, I asked the Lord to restore me again. I knew I couldn’t go back in time, but I was so hungry to know Him the way I did when I first believed.” @gaaronbarbosa #amazon

📍Vancouver, BC (@ber2ozer) Instagram Profile Photo

📍Vancouver, BC

Everybody has the same 24h what matters is what you do in those 24hs. ... It's all about our choices. You can either watch tv all day or do something productive. ... Always try to look for ways to better yourself. Reach for your full potential. ... Ps: This meme is by @businesstutorship and @grindngrow . They have great content go follow them! ... #amazon

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