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@gradygram716 • • • • • @blackfoxnewz // #alexanderacosta // 👕📱👟💎merch available at (link in @blackfoxnewz bio) 💎👟📱👕 // main source: @democracynow //🖊📋link in my bio for petition to get off 📋🖊🖕 //

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@blackfoxnewz // #alexanderacosta // 👕📱👟💎merch available at (link in @blackfoxnewz bio) 💎👟📱👕 // main source: @democracynow //🖊📋link in my bio for petition to get off 📋🖊🖕 // (@geeboads) Instagram Profile Photo

#AlexanderAcosta out after controversy! Read more at or

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This week's cartoon for @cnn weekly opinion newsletter. #alexanderacosta

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@freedom_faction with @get_repost ・・・ Thoughts? U.S. Secretary of Labor #AlexanderAcosta said on Friday he will resign his position amid fallout from the case. Speaking to reporters, Acosta made the announcement while standing outside of the while and next to . Trump said that Acosta called him Friday morning with his decision, and added that it was the Labor Secretary’s idea to step down. As the former U.S. attorney in , Acosta infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal in 2007 for charges relating to the exploitation of underage girls. Under the agreement agreed to by Acosta, Epstein did not face federal criminal charges and put an immediate stop to a separate federal investigation. The deal also sealed the indictment records. As The Mind Unleashed reported on Thursday, after being asked if the Epstein case would cause a problem in his confirmation hearings for Labor Secretary, Acosta reportedly responded that he only ever had one meeting about the case and had “been told” to back off and that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” Acosta allegedly told his interviewers.

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One of my favorite things to teach to the future generations/ kids is how to be kind and compassionate to all living creatures, especially animals. 🌻🌎👁👁 #AlexanderAcosta

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