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База отдыха «Радуга» Омск (@raduga_tour_omsk) Instagram Profile Photo

База отдыха «Радуга» Омск

Svetlana Dolgykh (@ia_svet) Instagram Profile Photo

Svetlana Dolgykh

Anggie Pujakusuma (@anggiepujakusuma22) Instagram Profile Photo

Anggie Pujakusuma

Sunee 💋 (@iisuneehz) Instagram Profile Photo

Sunee 💋

Girls Do Good (@girlsdogood) Instagram Profile Photo

Girls Do Good

Holt Productions ( Instagram Profile Photo

Holt Productions

Raz sapani - רז ספני (@razsapani) Instagram Profile Photo

Raz sapani - רז ספני

[PAID PROMOTE GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING PROJECT #5] THRIFT SHOP ALL UNDER 100K! @eustace_id menjual baju thrift impor berkualitas seperti kemeja, jaket, sweatshirt, dll dengan harga terjangkau. Kalo kamu beruntung, kamu bisa mendapatkan baju-baju dengan brand ternama seperti H&M, Uniqlo, Ralph Lauren, serta brand ternama lainnya dengan harga di bawah 100k aja!! Wowwww😱 Jangan takut berbelanja di @eustace_id karena semua barang merupakan barang pilihan berkualitas dan sudah dicuci bersih alias kalian tinggal pake ajaa!! Hihi asik banget kan?🤗 Yuk segera follow @eustace_id biar ga ketinggalan!❣️

E chegaram as bombas do nosso ! ’9”,19x3/8,2x4/16=27.5L Epoxy e #5’10”nomodelyet epoxy! @sementesurfboards @salty_crew

Jooyoung Lee / 이주영 (@joojoo8896) Instagram Profile Photo

Jooyoung Lee / 이주영

새 지갑. 체인이나 끈을 연결할 고리가 있는 지갑을 찾았는데, 가볍게 들고 다니기에 좋다. _ #5

..Kadriye KORKMAZ.. (@rainbow_butikcim) Instagram Profile Photo

..Kadriye KORKMAZ..

EFSANE TAKIM YİNE YENİDEN STOKLARIMIZDA🦋 . ✔ 85₺ KARGO BEDAVA ✔ S:38 M:40 L:42 XL:44 ✔KETEN KUMAŞ ✔Bordo-Gül-Hardal-Kiremit-Soğan -Pantalon 100 cm uzunluk-Lastikli Bel -Tunik 95 cm uzunluk *TAKIM OLARAK SATILIR* . #5

snowy minny seowon mally #5 nally harin haryn

Art2Hire Tech Recruiters (@art2hire) Instagram Profile Photo

Art2Hire Tech Recruiters

Kyiv, Ukraine

Feedback can sound scary, and you might even ask yourself why you would ever go out of your way to ask for it. Things are going just fine, so why disturb your boss’s busy schedule just so s/he can tell you about all the things you’re doing wrong? But before you make your way down the “negative nancy” path, ask yourself this: how many relationships do you know that have fallen apart due to a lack of feedback?And just like any relationship, communication and feedback are vital to success.Here are five (darn good!) reasons to ask your Executive for constructive feedback! : Feedback is Always There (And Executives May Be as Nervous to Give It as You Are to Get It!) Just because you aren’t given feedback doesn’t mean it isn’t there. : Take Responsibility for Your Own Performance Asking your Executive for constructive feedback shows that you’re invested and ambitious when it comes to your work. It’s safe to say that any boss appreciates an employee who takes initiative and ownership for their own growth and performance. : We All Have Blind Spots We all have blind spots, and we count on the people around us to help identify them so we can have better visibility. When thinking about your work life, who better to identify your blind spots than the person(s) you directly support? : Motivation – It Keeps Our Engine Running Even if you feel like you’ve outgrown your role, asking for constructive feedback is a great way to fully prepare yourself for the next step in your career! #5: It Might Just Lead to Bigger and Better Things Asking for constructive feedback can open doors!

2019 갓빵프로젝트 (@2019_godbbang) Instagram Profile Photo

2019 갓빵프로젝트

⠀ 2019 대한빵지도 #5 : 1986 Baker 서울 용산구 후암로 20 ⠀ 느림의 철학으로, 시간이 만드는 건강한 프랑스빵 ⠀ 끊임없는 공부와 실험으로 빵 본연의 맛을 찾는 진심이 담긴 빵집 ⠀ 🏠 ⠀

unique brand club (@uniquebrandclub) Instagram Profile Photo

unique brand club


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