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Robert Wade

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Adam Allard

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{ name: "Kevin Riveros" }

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Jean-Marc 🇩🇪

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🕛 [91 & 92 / 100] . 💪The last two days have been challenging for me. I've been quite exhausted and tired from work and have felt the need to find balance again. . 😎So I've decided to go for a run to free my mind from all those draining thoughts inside my head. I've had to deal with some limiting beliefs and a few doubts. Those may pop up sometimes, it is pretty normal. The difference is how you deal with them. I'm always asking myself "Are these thoughts helping me to reach my goals?". Of course not. Furthermore I'm focusing on my positive beliefs who are reinforcing my self esteem and the trust in myself. But working out and sweating is always the best remedy to me. . 🙏That was a great lesson life has taught me. So I was able to code with a calm mind again it felt great again! Got my hands with more fundamentals of javascript. Learned about objects , arrays and thr built in methods for them. Tomorrow I'll continue with those and will brainstorm some ideas for my colleagues reagge website.

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Juanjo Torres

Barcelona, Spain

Day 17 👨🏻‍💻 I've been working on this all day. Almost done! #100DaysOfCode @bretrca @lexandre_91 ( Instagram Profile Photo

Good repository structure is prerequisite for automatic deployment. I use GitHub flow on simple projects. There is one persistent branch (for example master) which contains completed features ready for production. Deployment script is executed when you push tag to the repository, so new version of the product is created. Do you use you use it too or do you prefer GitLab flow, Git flow or other? hub hubflow #100daysofcode Day 002

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stephen kaingu


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Sergi | Data Scientist

Barcelona, Spain

🔥In continuation of the networking topic. People you spend time with define who you are.🔥 ⠀ 👀 It's just true. That actually how machine learning algorithms work! If the majority does that the will suggest you do that too. I dn serious. If you spend time with positive people you will be positive. If you spend time with people who love football you'll end up being interested in that or leave that group of people, if you spend time with people that party every night, you will do that too. ⠀ 😌 We are social creatures, we need other humans, we like humans that do things that we like to do, humans that like what we like. So why suffer and get along with people that do not share your interests? Nowadays it is muuuuuch easier! We have internet! And if you live in a village where everyone is a farmer, but you feel like an artists - get access to the internet, get to know other artists that speak your language and move out that village! ⠀ 😈 Easy to say, difficult to do. I know, I did that. And yes its difficult. Yes there might be days when you don't have enough money to get some food. But I prefer to not eat enough few days and be happy rest of the time, instead of suffering my entire life. ⠀ 🌠 We live in the greatest era, there have never being that much opportunities. Our parents didn't have that freedom. We do. So lets use it wisely. ... ⠀ [Day 37/100] Gonna dedicate one hour to finally fix that error! fire. ⠀ #100daysofcode

Day22. Today I studied 👩🏻‍💻/ worked👩🏻‍🎨 hard until my 💻👋🏻died from 100%⚡️🔋 Functional Programming💛 Exciting to get more and more practical examples, challenges🤗 #100daysofcode

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