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あ、これが"かつき 公式"です。

Camila #7💙 (@camila._kc) Instagram Profile Photo

Camila #7💙

-This post is for my baby so everyone else can skip this:) - - - Hi hi baby I just wanted to write you a little something cause ya know I feel the need to go on and on about you😂🖤. I love you so much baby. Since the day I met you I knew you were the only man I’ll ever wanna be with cause you’ve made me feel so happy and secure. Like I’ve been on cloud nine. You’re literally the best thing besides the kids that’s happened to me. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone or anything. You’re perfect. Especially to me. Your sense of humor, your personality, your way of being, your smile and laugh I love everything cause everything about you is perfect. Even when I’m moody and I’m having a bad day your cuddles and your hugs always make me feel better and safe. And no one else that I’ve been with has ever made me feel the way you do. God I got really lucky huh? What’s even more crazy is how you’re on my mind 24/7. Whether I’m with you or not I’m always thinking about. And every time you’re away I miss you like crazy. I also wanna just thank you for everything. I don’t think I thank you enough for all you do. Honestly you’re such an amazing father to the kids and the way you are with them and how you took them in as if they were your own I really couldn’t thank you enough for that baby. We all love you unconditionally. And holy I have no clue why I’m crying rn these hormones. But thank you. Thank you for being the best husband and best friend. Thank you for being the best father. Thank you for showing us you love us everyday. Thank you for always putting us first even when I think you should be first sometimes too. Thank you for everything baby. I love you so much. I’m in love with you. And I’ll end this here cause these hormones are killing me but I’ll probably Add onto it. I love you and I miss you come backkk🖤🖤

Lena McCalister (@lenamccalisterx) Instagram Profile Photo

Lena McCalister

~~ taco ~~ Name : Lena August McCalister - Age : 18 - Status : single - Sexuality : bisexual Birthday : 22 June - Fav Food : crab legs, ice cream - Fav color : purple - Likes : Games, Friends, Adventures, Traveling to exotic places, babies, animals, her brother - Dislikes : Liars, Fake friends, Rude people, people dying, spiders, worms, needles, her brother getting hurt - Quote : "I love it when you call me señorita~" Lena, 2k19 - Nicknames: [add some •w•] - 🐷 baby piggy 🐷 - Lena loves meeting people so hhu! - [Ignore the taggos] -apan #東京カメラ部

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