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knight エイト (@eito.gram) Instagram Profile Photo

knight エイト

学生の頃に無理やり女装させられた画像が出てきた。 男子

男子 27日だいきと横浜行ってきまふ。 僕はしんのすけがすきぃ

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Harajuku, Tokyo(原宿)

Today was a sad day. ... This morning Kyoto Animation got set on fire and as a result 33 animators’ lives ended and many more seriously injured. ... I can’t understand why the people that brought me the heart warming memories of K-on deserve this, and it’ll probably take me some time to digest the emotion. ... People generally don’t think about today being their last day in life? I wonder what went through the minds of the victims? ... Sorry for the long and heavy message this time, and the fact that it has nothing to do with the picture or Lolita fashion. Guess I’m still in shock 😢 ... fashion _fashion #女装男子

熱烘烘的夏天,昨天終於忍不住自己剪掉了大把的頭髮,改善了厚度👍洗頭吹頭快好多唷!😻最喜歡大澎頭了🤣 (然後自己亂剪層次每次都被美髮設計師罵😆) #女装男子

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