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Diego Villanucci (@diabeticsweetlife) Instagram Profile Photo

Diego Villanucci

Foto 1: glicemia al risveglio. Foto2: somministrazione di 5 unità di insulina pre-colazione. Foto 3: una delle mie colazioni tipo, 6 fette biscottate marca di cui 4 con marmellata solo zuccheri della frutta e due con burro arachidi no sugar e una tazza di con 30grammi di proteine al gusto biscotto non mi faccio mancare due capsule di e un . Foto 4: infine un caffè con dolcificante #zerocal . Foto 5: valore glicemico a due ore dalla colazione.

Misterio Fitness (@misterio_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo

Misterio Fitness

Qual a parte mais difícil de uma reeducação/dieta? . Para mim é diminuir doces, e retirar o açúcar... . Mas aos poucos tenho conseguido trocar algumas coisas, por exemplo: tomar café, chá ou suco com @zerocaloficial tem me ajudado nessa missão... . . Chá da tarde! #zerocal

Anyone else not able to wait for the pumpkin spice !!! BUT WAIT.. ZERO CAL?! you'll never guess where I found this... TJMAXX $3.99!!! 3 pumpkin flavors too. I add it to coffee and protein shakes NOM NOM! 🎃 #zerocal

Sonny C Dalere Jr (Sunny) (@sonnywithan_o) Instagram Profile Photo

Sonny C Dalere Jr (Sunny)

Porterville, California

This is going to be my substitute for soda from now on. Do you guys think it's a good decision? #zerocal

Super Drogaria (@superdrogaria) Instagram Profile Photo

Super Drogaria

Super Drogaria

Na Super Drogaria você encontra uma variedade em adoçantes com preços especiais, peça agora mesmo 5515-5252 (esse número também é WhatsApp) entregas todos os dias! #zerocal

Wiriya Jarujamrus (@ai_tuer) Instagram Profile Photo

Wiriya Jarujamrus


Allison - Gin Squares (@ginsquares) Instagram Profile Photo

Allison - Gin Squares

Teenagers ate all the brownies... However, I shouldn't complain as they saved my calories for a treat and I've spent them on pizza. But of course I want a gin on the side so I've reached for zero calorie @gallybird tonic that they very kindly sent me to try and an old faithful @mermaidgin . This is the second stevia based tonic I've recently tried and I'm afraid they don't work with all my gins. Whilst they are not awful and my brain is saying no calorie tonic means a few extra gins won't add to the waistline, I am not enjoying all the serves I've tried. I use stevia in drinks, so I should be used to the taste but they are changing up my "savoury" gins and overpowering the botanicals. I did also try Gallybird in my Sacred Cardamom Gin as well and despite that being a gin which is very strong in flavour, I could taste the difference too. I do predominantly drink light tonics and it does make me wonder if I've just got used to them and everything else just doesn't taste the same and I'm being critical. So I'll put the question to everyone who has tried low or zero cal tonics... Which one works for you and why? . . . . #zerocal

หมีว่าง..หมีผอม..บินมาเลี้ยงชาไข่มุกเจ้..#zerocal จิงป่าวไม่รุ รุแต่อร่อย 😋

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