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how have you used your summer to get ready for next year’s election? There is still time to DO MORE. Who amongst you are in swing states? Comment below on how you think the rest of us can help turn the tide away from the hate/greed filled administration temporarily in office. 🔵 my experience is that when we come together, face to face, and have heartfelt conversations about our disparate experiences, that is when we are propelled to take serious action that has an impact 🔵 #womensrights

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activist talk

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ravyn alyxandra

Mall of America

Santa is a bully that stole Christmas from Jesus.

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This Day In Herstory

On This Day in Herstory, August 19th 1994, influential 20th century interior designer Nancy Lancaster died at age 96. Formidable Female Fact: American by birth and British by choice, Lancaster (née Perkins) is primarily responsible for creating what is now known as the “English Country House Look,” which is considered to be a romantic, clean, aristocratic fashion. She gained notoriety because of the magnitude and boldness of her work, that was able to convey the ideals of life in the English country.

I know it's hard but when somebody says something you don't like in a debate you cannot become hostile. You need to keep your cool. Becoming angry and saying things you'll regret is not acceptable no matter what they said. "go kill yourself" is inexcusable. Our goal is to save not end lives. Saying this not only looks unprofessional but also may hurt them more than you know. They could be just uneducated or confused, don't add to that anger. Please apologize if you said these hateful words. Imagine if you caused their death by 3 simple words. It only take 2 to reverse it. I'm sorry. . . . . . .   #womensrights

Portland, Maine

DEFEND WOMEN (Who Can’t Yet Defend Themselves)! #womensrights

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Kamia Brown

Join my colleagues as we celebrate Women’s Equality Day and discuss how we can continue to move women’s rights forward! #womensrights

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